Hulk Hogan, Batista & RVD Returning To WWE?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As of today (Wednesday), Hulk Hogan has not signed a deal with WWE to return at WrestleMania 30. According to sources, the two sides are continuing to negotiate and WWE is very confident that he will be appearing at the milestone event. Some believe that Hogan will not be wrestling on the show but that remains to be seen.

According to one source, even if WWE did want him to wrestle, he simply wouldn’t pass their medical tests. Of course, it’s Hogan so he may get a “pass”. As of now, it looks like he’ll be doing a “quick beat down” leading to a promo on one of WWE’s heels.

— There is also talk that Dave Batista is interested in returning to the company. As of now, there is absolutely nothing agreed upon between the two sides.

— As of this writing, Rob Van Dam is not scheduled for WrestleMania 30 but that could easily change.

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