Hulk Hogan Opens Up On Possible Return To The WWE


WWE Legend Hulk Hogan’s WWE return has depended on the company being reasonably sure that bringing him back won’t cause a big backlash due to his racist comments debacle from 2016. It’s possible that WWE hires him in an Ambassador role.

Hogan told Dan Gelston of the Associated Press that he would like to return to WWE.

“I don’t know if they want me back,” Hogan said. “I think the fans want me back. I think that I’m part of that company from the ground up. Triple H I know is a huge fan of the guys that gave their blood, sweat and tears and their personal life to make this happen. I know Triple H would love to see me back on the inside again.”

WWE issued the following statement on Hogan’s status with the company: “At this time, WWE remains committed to its decision.”

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