Hulk Hogan Reportedly About To Sign With WWE


There is no argument that Hulk Hogan is one of the most iconic sports entertainers of all time, but after his use of racial slurs, WWE released him and began to cease mentioning his name. Now just a few years later, it looks like The Hulkster has finally made his way back to the WWE.

Hogan made his surprise return to WWE at the Crown Jewel event last month, however, this was said to be a one and off deal. Despite WWE endorsing Hogan’s NWO return tour events and having him publicly represent them as of late, he has not signed a new deal with the company yet. Rumors have been circulating for weeks that Hogan was finally going to sign, however, Dave Meltzer reported this morning that, “Hogan’s about to sign, but he’s not going to wrestle.” In addition, Brad Shapard also reported that Hogan was likely to appear at Wrestlemania 35.


If Hulk does return, rumor has it that he will be in a general manager position, or some other position of on-screen authority.

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