Monday, July 22, 2024
NewsHulk Hogan Responds To Linda Hogan's Claims

Hulk Hogan Responds To Linda Hogan’s Claims



Hulk Hogan recently spoke to US Magazine about the recent drama with his ex-wife Linda, here are the highlights…

On The Recent Drama With Linda: “After the four-year crazy divorce I thought I’d heard everything I could hear in the courtroom,” he says. “Then, all of a sudden she says I abused her, that I was violent…If you’re going to say I’m something that I’m not to try to ruin my career and my livelihood….I have to answer her back.”

On Claims He Is Gay: “If any of that was true, I would admit it, and I was a homosexual I would embrace it. It’s just so crazy to hear, so I have a real problem with it.”

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