Hulk Hogan Says He May Wrestle Again Some Day


Hulk Hogan spoke with the Orlando Sentinel recently and teased that he may compete in the ring again some day. Hogan was on the Open Mike radio show and was asked about the possibility, which he didn’t rule out.

“You never say never, brother,” Hogan said. “The only thing the doctors know is what they know. They don’t know what The Big Man Upstairs says, and I’m on His team. Anything is possible. I still get the itch to get in (the ring) and I still love the business. You can always put ol’ Hulk in a six-man tag and let me clear the ring out, you know what I mean? I don’t have to get out there and wrestle for an hour. People just want to see me with ripped shirt, posed down and sucker punching a few guys.”

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