Hulk Hogan Says WWE Wanted Him To Host WrestleMania 36, & More


During a recent appearance on the “After the Bell with Corey Graves” podcast, Hulk Hogan commented on nearly hosting WrestleMania 36, his WrestleMania 37 picks, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On hosting WrestleMania 37: “I started in ’77 and to come back here in my hometown and to have Titus with me – hopefully, the new mayor of Florida, who knows – but to have Titus with me, we’re coming in wide-open, guns a-blazing, to show everybody that the Super Bowl was cool but WrestleMania is the greatest show in the world. We are so excited, brother. For me, in my hometown, this tops my career off like I never thought it would be topped off.”

On WWE bringing back fans and the company wanting him to host WrestleMania 36: “I mean this is a huge statement. WWE, once again, raising the bar on how things should be played out from this point on. I was devastated last year. I talked to the upper hierarchy at the WWE and they asked me to host WrestleMania last year, but everything went awry. Gronk did a great job, but I mean, as I watched it, there was like a hole in my heart because there was no crowd. It was so different and I prayed that it would never happen again. So, all of a sudden to be back out there in front of this crowd – that was my thing, man, to listen to the crowd, to feed off the crowd. I mean, everything that I ever did had to do with a crowd. I didn’t need to know anything else. That crowd just makes Hulk Hogan go crazy, it makes Hollywood Hogan go crazy, and the WWE superstars just raise the bar on their performance once they get in the ring in front of that crowd. So, this is going to be off the charts this WrestleMania.”

On his picks for the WWE and Universal title matches: “Bobby [Lashley], his accolades are a mile long. He’s the real deal, brother. He’s a real badass. I’m really hooked on Drew McIntyre. Something about his presence, something about his intensity. He loves this business, he thinks wrestling 24 hours a day. I’ve been in his corner since day one, so I’m really hoping that Drew steps up and things go his way. As far as the other main event, they turned that into a three-way, so that’s kind of like ‘jump ball’ time. It’s going to be pretty crazy, but Edge has made a heck of a showing as of late. He looks like he’s really hungry, and in my opinion, I’d love to see it go Edge’s way. Nothing against Daniel [Bryan] or Roman Reigns. Roman, I’ve been following since he’s a kid. I know how intense he is. But for some reason, when I saw Edge standing over both those guys with a chair, I looked into his eyes and he looks like a bad, dangerous man right now.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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