Hulk Hogan To Work Indy Event, Bound For Glory Location?


— Hulk Hogan will be working a show for Northeast Wrestling on August 4th at Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, New York. Matt Hardy, Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Hart, Mickie James and Lita are all set for the show, which will have a fireworks after the event. [Credit: Northeast]

— Dixie Carter said during the conference call today that TNA is hoping to make an announcement regarding the location for Bound For Glory 2012 in the next few weeks. Dixie noted that the plan is absolutely to take the show on the road this year, despite Universal Studios listing it for Orlando, Florida.

— Here is a new ad for TNA iMPACT’s live run, which features King Mo. The ad calls the live format ” Live Impact Summer Bash” and highlights TNA attempting to offer a new version of wrestling programming:

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