Husky Harris Return Correction, JR Replaced, & More


Tampa Bay Times has published an article on former Florida Gator, Tampa Bay Storm player Thaddeus Bullard turned WWE NXT star Titus O’Neil. O’Neil discusses his upbringing, adjusting from the gridiron to professional wrestling, performing for tens of thousands of fans and more.

— Matt Striker has replaced Jim Ross as host of the Monday Night Wars series on WWE Classics On Demand. The August 10, 1998 episodes of RAW and WCW Monday Nitro are currently airing.

— Accounts of Husky Harris competing at Sunday’s SmackDown live event in Baton Rouge, Louisiana are incorrect as it was WWE developmental wrestler Calvin Raines who partnered with Drew McIntyre in a tag team match against Ezekiel Jackson and Trent Barreta. You can click the “Reporter’s Link” below to view a photo of future WWE star Calvin Raines.

Jackson was asked on Twitter who his opponent at the event was and he replied Calvin Raines. We sincerely apologize for the earlier error.

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