Husky Harris’s Weight Loss & WWE Future, GM Roles Update


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Bray Wyatt (the former Husky Harris) is now down to 280 pounds and is getting rave reviews about his new character in NXT. According to sources, he was being heavily considered to the main roster until Vince McMahon “soured on him” over his physique. For more on Wyatt you can view his NXT profile at at

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE has quietly let the storyline involving AJ and Booker T being portrayed as incompetent so that Vince McMahon can “fire” them and have one GM drop. The reason is that Ric Flair was planned for that role, but the WWE/TNA lawsuit has made that infeasible. AJ is still “on probation,” of course, for attacking Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman in recent weeks. The storyline where Josh Mathews was threatening to sue both GMs due to an unsafe working environment has also been dropped. We’ll see what happens with Vince on RAW tonight.

— In WWE, the general viewpoint are there are two types of women who become a part of their organization as we reported earlier. There are models who use the company as a stepping stone to fame due to the television president. And then there are those who truly love wrestling with people like Beth Phoenix and Natalya being the prime examples. However the girls who truly love the sport get easily frustrated due to the lack of reward for being talented in the ring. The model types look to wrestle for a few years to hope to break into the entertainment world and leave when they start receiving offers.

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