Ian Rotten Reacts to Major Backlash From Friday Night’s IWA Mid-South Event


We reported on Saturday that IWA Mid-South held a live event on Friday night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Following the event, there was a ton of backlash after photos surfaced of fans in attendance not wearing face masks and not seated six feet apart.

Ian Rotten, who is the founder of IWA, took to Facebook to defend the promotion. He said they had 300 masks that were free to anyone who wanted one but that they can’t force people to wear them. He said,

“Yes, folks. The rumors are true. Last night, I took a club and beat 226 people over the head like they were baby seals and then took $20 out of each one of their pockets and made them sit there for 4 hours. I forced them to enjoy the hell out of themselves.

Seriously though, thank you to everyone whom came out and showed their support last night. I would say that I hoped you enjoyed yourself and that we entertained you, but then I would just be fishing for compliments because 90% of you told me on the way out the door what a great time you had. Thank you Indy.

We will see you in September.

I had 300 masks available free of charge to anyone. Whether people chose to wear them or not was up to them. There are ridiculous reports saying that no one was wearing masks and I would definitely say the ratio was about 60:40 of people wearing vs not wearing.

I’m not going to require someone with respiratory problems, trauma triggers, asthma, severe anxiety, sensory disorders, etc., all of which I could never see with my naked eye, to wear a mask.

I believe the right thing to do was to provide fans with the masks and if they wanted to wear them, it was available and up to them. Knowing that, coming into the show itself is also up to those individuals.

To answer your question fully, no I won’t require someone to wear a mask but for those whom do want to, I will supply them. I believe that is as fair as I can be to each and every persons individual rights.”

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