Ice Train Reveals How He Got Paid More For His Title Matches In WCW


During a recent appearance on Allan “Kwee Wee” Funk’s podcast, former WCW Superstar Ice Train commented on his time in WCW, how he got paid more for title matches due to a clause in his contract, and more. He said,

“Now that one match with The Giant [Paul Wight], my paycheck was a little bit better. Yeah, it was a world title match and I had a little clause in my contract and I don’t think they knew I had that clause in there. Oh my God, yes. I never got another world — I would’ve let The Giant put me over 20 straight times for that lil money I got. When I did my lil contract, I had a clause for TV Title matches, World Title matches, Tag Team Title matches. Man, when they did one, I went out there, choke — reached for Jimmy Hart, choke slammed me, one, two, three. Two weeks later, they had my check. I said, ‘No, read my contract.’ I never had another world title match after that.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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