Ilja Dragunov Discusses Why He’s Not A Fan Of Gimmick Matches


Ilja Dragunov talked about not being a fan of gimmick matches during a recent interview with Fightful.

The WWE NXT World Champion prefers traditional wrestling instead of relying on gimmicks. He said,


I must say, first of all, I’m not the biggest fan of those kind of matches. Because, like you said, I consider my fists, my legs, everything, my body as a whole as my major weapon, you could say so. They’re the things I like to use majorly. I really only can say that I entirely enjoyed it. I have a high pain resistance. There’s nothing that can easily really bring me down to, ‘Oh, this is something I can’t take.’ So that barely ever happens. Especially this match, it just brought another layer to everything. I think this match especially was a great one in the case of the story that led up to this match and make it reasonable, make it suspenseful. I think, especially certain moments in this match, I felt some moments for the next four weeks. They really made some people, when I re-watched it, really feel uncomfortable. I think that’s the purpose of this match, the purpose of the story. So I really like to remember this performance.

This past Saturday at WWE NXT: No Mercy 2023, Dragunov became the NXT Champion by defeating Carmelo Hayes.

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