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Impact Live Results – 2/23/16


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results Page. If you post spoilers, I will reign unholy fire down upon you. It will be scorched earth in here. Thank You.

The show opens with Broken Matt at the Hardy Compound. He’s talking to George Washington, the giraffe. Broken Matt says seven deities are going to transport him somewhere and wants to house his abilities to Jeff. Jeff has a premonition that Matt is going to Egypt.

A promo for tonight’s wedding is shown. We are all cordially invited to the wedding of the year.

Cody and Brandi make their way to the ring. Cody cuts a promo about how Lashley cut his last visit short but tonight is not about him. He calls out Moose to thank you personally. Moose comes out. Cody thanks him on behalf of his family. Moose says they have his number and he has their back. Cody looks to Brandi and asks that she has his number. Then accuses them of sleeping together. Cody is full on heel. Brandi says he’s gotta be joking. Cody says he’s joking and it was in poor taste. He shakes hands with Moose and then kicks him below the belt. He attacks him and hits Cross Rhodes. He makes Brandi leave with him.

Commercial Break

Backstage, a camera is chasing down Cody and Brandi, asking what happened and Cody yells for them to get away from his wife.

Reality TV style promo between Tyrus and Eli Drake.

Tyrus vs Eli Drake

Tyrus is in the ring and Eli Drake comes out with a microphone. He says he’s the star and he’s gonna ruin Tyrus. He gets into the ring and gets knocked back a couple times. He goes outside the ring and he gets back on the mic and says they’re both business men so Tyrus knows what to do. Eli feigns the finger poke of doom. Tyrus declines. Eli circles the ring and then punches the ref for a DQ. He goes to Tyrus and laughs. Tyrus grips him up but Eli offers him a raise. They hug to close out the segment.

Winner: Tyrus by DQ

Backstage, Mraia and Laurel are dressing for the wedding. Laurel comes out in her wedding dress. They laugh at the fact Allie is the ring bearer. No one has seen her all day. Maria is upset that she’s late.

Commercial Break

Broken Matt hardy teleported to Egypt. He returned dressed in Egyptian gold garb. The dilapidated boat is now the golden arc and will house all the gold. They teleport to their next location for tag team gold.

Jade is in the ring. She says the war between her and Rosemary is far from over. She wants to take back the KO division and calls Rosemary out. The KO champ makes her way to the ring. She says there’s an entire KO division waiting for their decay. They are done with Jade. She tries to walk out but Jade stops her and says she’s not finished. She said she’s still standing. Jade challenges her to a Last Knockout Standing. Rosemary says if she wants one more dance with the demon, she has it. Jade says bring your best because the belt is coming home.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Braxton is talking about just calling her. Mike Bennett shows up with champagne and talks him through his “nerves”. Braxton says it has nothing to do with Laurel but everything to do with Allie. Bennett says Maria is taking care of Allie and tells him to drink up.

Bram vs Jesse Godderz

Jesse ducks a clothesline and takes Bram down. He goes for the Adonis Crab but Bram gets out. Godderz takes him down with a clothesline and a dropkick. Kingston trips up Jesse on the apron. Bram sends him into the ring and goes for a pin for a two count. Jesse fights back but Bram sends him back outside. Kingston on the outside sends him in. Bram covers him for two. Bram pushes him around a little bit and goes off the ropes but Godderz hits a powerslam. He goes to the ropes and hits a Blockbuster. He puts Bram in the Adonis Crab.

Kingston gets up on the apron to distract the ref. Jesse releases the Crab and slingshots Godderz into Kingston. He rolls him up for the three count.

Winner: Jesse Godderz

The Hardys are teleported backstage into a locker room and wishes to seek out the tag champions. The current #1 contenders, the Mid-Atlantic Outlaws, say they want their shot. The Hardys challenge them but someone steps up and says the Hardys can be their ticket out of here. The current champs are undefeated for nearly 12 years. The Outlaws offer them the tag team title shot.

Commercial Break

Allie shows up and Maria belittles her. She says she can’t be there and walks out. She runs into Braxton outside and asks him if that’s really what he wants. He says he has to do it. She walks off.

The Hardys comes to the ring to face the Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions. They showed a lot of highlights of what looked like a very competitive match and the Hardys win the gold. They are teleported from the celebration in the ring back to the compound and add the new belts to the new golden arc.

Josh Barnett is talking backstage. He says he knows Bobby Lashley and isn’t impressed with what he’s seen.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Bad Bones is in the ring. Lashley makes his way to the ring in regular clothes to join the commentary team.

The War Master Josh Barnett vs Bad Bones

The match starts off as an MMA fight. Barnett with a takedown but Bones gets to the ropes. Barnett throws him out of the ring after some strikes. Bones gets into the ring through the ropes with a headbutt. Bones goes for a suplex but Josh blocks it and hits a gutwrench suplex. Barnett hits a rough looking powerbomb. He gets Bones up and hits a northern lights suplex into a modified hammer lock. Bones taps out.

Winner: Josh Barnett

Commercial Break

X Division Title Match: Trevor Lee (c) vs DJZ

DJZ comes to the ring first. Trevor Lee is out next. DJZ flies over the ropes and hits Lee before the match even starts. DJZ sends Lee into the ring and the match starts. Lee hits DJZ with a boot and he falls to the outside. DJZ fights back and hits a hurricanrana from the apron. Lee back in the ring and DJZ hits a flying crossbody from the top rope for a two count. DJZ takes Lee down with a series of clotheslines for another two count. Lee blocks a move by DJZ and hits a german suplex. He pounds DJZ with forearms. He starts working over the injured leg.

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