Impact Wrestling 1000th Episode Results (1/2)


    Here are the results for the Impact Wrestling 1000th episode special airing on September 14, 2023, from Westchester County Center in White Plans, New York. This is the first of a two-part episode.

    Impact Wrestling 1000th Episode Results


    Scott D’Amore says if you go back to the first episode, you will see him and Team Canada kicking things off. He couldn’t be prouder to be here as the president of Impact. You can not talk about what makes the Impact great without the revolutionary Knockouts Division. And you can’t talk about the Knockouts without Gail Kim. She thanks the fans for making the Knockouts Division one of the most important parts of Impact and the industry. We get a montage to the Knockouts Division, followed by the entrance of The Beautiful People.

    Angelina Love says the video looked good when they were on it, but the rest of the women on it were ugly. Including Gail Kim. Velvet Sky carries on with the insults, so Gail Kim thanks her for that. Gisele Shaw apologies to the Beautiful People on behalf of Gail Kim and the Knockouts Division, and welcomes them back. Without them, there would be no quintessential diva. They paved the way for Knockouts like her. She is honored to have taken their spot and improved on it. Velvet Sky asks who is so great from her generation. Jordynne Grace answers the call.

    Grace puts over ODB, Tara, Traci Brooks, and Gail Kim. Unfortunately, the other constant is the annoying vapid bitches. Deonna Purrazzo enters. Grace asks if she is here to represent. Deonna says she is here to represent her generation, the age of The Virtuosa. And if her memory serves her right, it began when she defeated Jordynne for the title. Speaking of titles, Trinity arrives with the Knockouts title. She respects everyone in the ring because they all paved the way for her in their own way. But respectfully, she is blazing a trail for the future, and the proof is around her waist.

    Purrazzo tells Trinity to let her know when she has had three title reigns. Gail Kim tells Purrazzo to let her know when she had seven. Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed! The mood has shifted. Saeed asks who dares to take on Awesome Kong. Tasha Steelz is back! She says you can’t have 1000 episodes without the history maker, boricua badass. All this generation talk means nothing without generation flavor. Which is why your girl will be the fifth member of team Beautiful People. They all want to be the best, but they can’t be the greatest who beat the greatest. Since she is, how about next week, she beats the biggest (Awesome Kong). Ohh my! Mickie James returns to Impact! It has been six months.

    Mickie James doesn’t need to remind anyone who she is, or convince anyone she is the greatest. She thanks Tasha for calling her the greatest. All she can really say is ‘Hardcore Country’ is back. And if they haven’t noticed, she is officially the fifth member of champ Trinity, Gail Kim, Jordynne Grace, and Awesome Kong, otherwise known as Team Over. While tonight is a celebration of Impact and the history of the Knockouts, make no mistake that next week is going to be a fight. The greatest fight in Knockout’s history.

    – Backstage, we get a segment with Eric Young, America’s Most Wanted, and Shark Boy, who breaks a bottle. Santino Marella asks Shark Boy if he wants to become a deputy Director Of Authority. O Shell Yeah!

    #1. [Feast Or Fired] PCO, Joe Hendry, Yuya Uemura, Johnny Swinger, Eric Young, Moose, Crazzy Steve, Brian Myers, Steve Maclin, Heath, Jai Vidal, John Skyler, John E. Bravo, Kevin Knight, Kushida, Laredo Kid, John Skyler, Chris Bey, Gujjar, Sami Callihan

    • Chris Bey claimed the #3 briefcase.
    • Crazzy Steve claimed the #1 briefcase after stabbing Brian Myers with a fork.
    • Yuya Uemura claimed the #4 briefcase with Joe Hendry’s help.
    • Moose caught and claimed the #2 briefcase after Maclin lost it because of Rhino’s Gore.

    The Desi Hit Squad is in the ring. Rohit Raju says nobody has done more for tag teams in Impact than them. Team 3D is ready to prove otherwise.

    #2. Team 3D vs. Desi Hit Squad – Winners: Team 3D with the 3D

    Afterward, Team 3D powerbombs Rohit Raju through a table. They hug it out.

    – Josh Alexander and The Rascalz have a bit of a moment in the corridor, but the tag champions want nothing of the former World Champ.

    In the ring, Josh Alexander says that no matter how many times he comes to the ring, it will never not be surreal. The fans see the Walking Weapon and longest reigning champion, who night in and night out spilled his blood and sweat to be the very best. Sometimes he has to pinch himself. He has just been like everyone sitting in the building and watching from home. He has always been an Impact fan, and proud to say it. A young him would never have believed he would be standing in the ring for the 1000th episode. He’s all grown up, and he wants his Impact World Championship.

    Alex Shelley arrives and doesn’t like what he said. This title is not his anymore. If anyone is going to be the face of the company, it will be him. Furthermore, you’re welcome. All the hard work he put in so he had a place to earn a living, put down a mortgage and have a retirement fund. Alexander thanks him for that. When he won that title, nobody was better than him. Shelley asks if he’s a fan, or a mark for him. Josh says he is a huge Alex Shelley fan. He inspired a generation. The more he talks, the more he believes you shouldn’t meet your heroes. Josh carried the ball for the last four years. He made sure there was a place for him to come back to.

    The one title match Shelley didn’t win was against him. Alex says there’s a major difference now. He’s the main character, and Josh is just a side quest. They talk about having a match right now, but The Rascalz jump the both of them. Shelley recovers, walks away, and refuses to help Alexander. The Rascalz leave the Walking Weapon laying.

    Shark Boy tells Trey Miguel that he will go one-on-one with Josh Alexander next week. Santino Marella calls him a natural. Kenny King appears to demand a title rematch against Tommy Dreamer, but Santino says that can’t be done. But he knows someone who he can face next week, and his name is Eric Young.

    #3. Eddie & Alisha Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian & Traci Brooks – Winners: Kazarian & Brooks with the Fade To Black

    Frankie Kazarian said that felt great, but they have more to celebrate. We get a video announcing Traci Brooks will be inducted in to the Impact Hall Of Fame at Bound For Glory.

    #4. [X-Division Championship] Lio Rush (c) vs. Chris Sabin – Winner: Chris Sabin becomes the new champion!

    With this victory, Chris Sabin becomes a record 10-time X-Division Champion. Some guys from the roster come out to celebrate with him. We’ll be back next week for the second part of this historic 1000th episode of Impact Wrestling.

    —Impact Wrestling 1000th Episode Results—

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