IMPACT Wrestling A Night You Can’t MIST Main Event Announced


IMPACT Wrestling released the following announcement:

A Night You Can’t MIST Main Event Announced
The Main Event for A Night You Can’t MIST LIVE on IMPACT+ on Saturday, June 8th from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia is going to be The Great Muta teaming with Tommy Dreamer to face Johnny IMPACT and Michael Elgin! We have seen IMPACT and Elgin become quick friends on IMPACT Wrestling and they will be tested against the legend The Great Muta and the Extreme Icon Tommy Dreamer LIVE on IMPACT+ on a very special night. A match like this deserves a Special Guest Referee and it doesn’t get better than Jerry Lynn to hold that position. Jerry, like Tommy, is an ECW throwback and a former X-Division Champion.
The only way to witness this great match is by either being at the 2300 Arena or by downloading and subscribing to IMPACT+ today! Tickets are available HERE and a subscription to IMPACT+ is only one click away!
A Night You Can’t MIST Main Event Announced Tommy Dreamer The Great Muta Michael Elgin Main Event Johnny IMPACT IMPACT Plus IMPACT A Night You Can’t Mist 2300 Arena
More matches will be announced this weekend, but the Main Event is newsworthy in a major way. Johnny IMPACT and Michael Elgin are looking to take over IMPACT Wrestling in a big-time way and imagine what would happen if they can somehow find a way to defeat Tommy Dreamer and The Great Muta in Philly at the 2300 Arena. The very venue that was once the ECW Arena, the very venue that Tommy Dreamer spilled his blood, sweat, and tears. Then you have one of the most iconic and legendary figures in all of pro wrestling, The Great Muta.
Having competed over the past several decades all over the world, The Great Muta is a mystifying adversary for anyone even in 2019. From the land of the Rising Sun, complete with his signature mist and lightening quick elbow, The Great Muta is still someone athletes today study and try to emulate inside a wrestling ring.
The Great Muta will look to put on a display on Saturday, June 8th in Philly. Imagine what Muta might have to pull out against someone like Johnny IMPACT. The comparison could be made that Johnny IMPACT has been heavily influenced in his career by someone like The Great Muta and they will meet in this tag team match that will truly be once in a lifetime for all four men. Don’t miss it on Saturday, June 8th on IMPACT+.

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