Impact Wrestling Announces Scarlett Bordeaux’s Wrestling Debut


Scarlett Bordeaux has been making “wrestling sexy again” since landing on Impact Wrestling’s weekly broadcasts back in July last year. While she has gotten her name over, some have criticized her and Impact for not allowing her to wrestle. Instead of working matches, she’s spent her time creating moments in vignettes as “The Smokeshow”.

Scarlett recently appeared in the ring for a “Strip Show”, which unintentionally turned in to more of a brief lap dance for Scott Steiner. After searching for a special talent for months, she finally announced that the talent search winner was in fact .. herself.


It’s not completely outrageous for some to believe her influence encouraged WWE to use Alexa Bliss & Mandy Rose in a light, sexual manner; potentially testing what they can get away with on PG-rated programming (although it could just as easily be a coincidence). It’s been years since WWE used female superstars in this manner, more so since the start of the Women’s Revolution.

And yet, while Impact has not been shy in using Scarlett to sell sex, the rest of the Knockouts Division has not been asked to do the same. Because of this, Scarlett will have a huge target on her back; even more so after claiming to be the “greatest Knockout of all time, and I haven’t had a match yet!”.

After almost six months of waiting, Impact Wrestling & Scarlett Bordeaux finally announced her wrestling debut this week. “Bobo” made his return in the workout video. She is scheduled to debut in three weeks time, and well .. the thumbnail says it all.

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