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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/12/17



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We start backstage. Jeff Hardy is howling like a wolf and Broken Matt is giving him a WTH look. They cut a promo that ends with the two of them yelling DELETE!

EC3 makes his way to the ring carrying the chair that Davey Richards “accidentally” hit him with at the One Night Only PPV. He sits in the chair on the outside and cuts a promo about the lack of a clean match in both title matches. He says the Wolves are not what they seem and they cost him the Heavyweight Title. He calls them out but Lashley enters instead.

He asks Ethan how does it feel to be interrupted the way he was. He grilled him about his pride getting in his way. He proposes a Last Man Standing Match with EC3 for the #1 Contendership for the World Title. EC3 asks the Anthem Owl if it’s okay to have that match. This pisses Lashley off. EC3 accepts and doesn’t want it later tonight, but right now and they start brawling on the outside. It’s broken up by refs and security.

Last Man Standing Match: Lashley vs EC3

Lashley misses a wild chair swing. EC3 hits an exploder suplex. EC3 hits a dropkick off the second rope. Lashley to the outside. EC3 goes out after him and Lashley catches him and throws him into the guard rail. Lashley gets a table from under the ring and sets it up. He rams EC3 into the apron. HE drags him to the table and attempts a suplex but EC3 blocks it. Lashley hits a running powerslam on the outside. The ref starts his count. EC3 is up at 5. Lashley throws him into the ring.

Lashley climbs to the top rope. EC3 picks him off and sends him to the mat. EC3 hits a cutter and clotheslines Lashley to the outside. The ref counts. Lashley is up at 6. EC3 with a snap suplex on the outside. EC3 goes under the ring and grabs a table.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and EC3 is making a comeback. He hits Lashley with the Stinger Splash and hits a flapjack. Lashley blocks the One Percenter. He charges the corner but EC3 moves and Lashley hits the post hard. EC3 with a german suplex. EC3 has Lashley on the top rope and hits a superplex. Ref is counting both men down. They’re up at 6. Lashley puts EC3 on the top rope. He hits a superplex of his own. Ref counting both men down again. Both men are up and Lashley hits a spear. Ref is counting EC3 down. He’s up at 7 but Lashley hits another spear. EC3 is up at 9. Lashley brings in a table and sets it up in the corner.

EC3 fights back but Lashley hits a spinebuster. He gets EC3 up and lays on the table in the corner. Lashley goes for a spear but EC3 moves. He hits the One Percenter. Lashley is right back up and EC3 spears him through the table in the corner. Ref counting both men down. EC3 is up at 8. Lashley rolls outside and lands on his feet at 9. EC3 uses a chair and beats Lashley down with several shots. Lashley is up at 9. EC3 stalks him and applies the rear naked choke but Lashley falls backwards and both go through the tables that were set up earlier. Lashley gets to his feet at 9. EC3 gets to his feet after the 10 count.

Winner and new #1 Contender: Lashley

Commercial Break

Backstage Eli Drake kicks the makeup crew and script supervisor from rehearsing with McKenzie Mitchell. Eli has Tyrus grab one of the crew members and makes him read a letter where he says the fans don’t appreciate his entertainment and won’t be saying Dummy Yeah anymore. Statements will be made without a microphone. He proceeded to beat him up.

In the ring, Rockstar Spud is dressed like an usher. He introduces Aron Rex who comes out in a fur robe and acting like royalty. They’re both wearing makeup. Aron Rex is talking in a homosexual voice and is playing the role of a tran-sexual. Robbie E interrupts and asks what the hell is he doing. After a few insults, Spud attacks but Robbie E fights them off. The numbers game gets the better of them and suddenly, Aron Rex showing a vicious side to him. Spud holds him and Aron hits him with a punch with five rings on his fingers.

Backstage, DCC cuts a promo about their match coming up with Decay.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Maria continues her bullying of Allie. She was watching a video that Braxton sent her. Maria is still berating her and says she’ll end Allie’s relationship with Braxton. Then says she’ll have her husband, The Miracle, do it.

Tag Team Match: DCC vs Decay

Kingston and Bram will fight for Decay. All four men brawl to start things off. Crazzy Steve and Kingston fight on the outside. In the ring, Bram takes down Abyss. They both fall to the outside and Kingston and Steve make it into the ring. Steve with a running summersault onto Kingston in the corner. Bram hits Steve from behind. Bram and Kingston double team Steve with a double Alabama Slam. Bram works him over.

DCC making frequent tags. Kingston throws Steve to the outside and distracts the ref while Storm attacks Steve and throws him back in. Kingston controlling Steve. Bram is back in. Kingston on the ropes while Bram sets him up for a powerbomb. Steve counters with a hurricanrana, sending Bram into Kingston. Steve makes the tag to Abyss. The monter takes both men out. He puts them both in the corner and hits an avalanche. Storm on the apron distracts Abyss. Crazzy Steve flies off the top turnbuckle onto Bram and Kingston. Abyss is battling with Storm. The bell rings as the match has been thrown out. The two teams battle all the way to the back.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards talks to Davey Richards about their first tag match back and they’re going to get their tag team titles back.

Commercial Break

Backstage, the beautiful McKenzie Mitchell introduces a returning Brooke Tessmacher. They do an interview and Brooke is happy to be back but was enjoying time with her family during her time away.

Miracle Mike Bennett vs Braxton Sutter

They lock up and takes control first hitting punches and chops. He takes Bennett down with a clothesline. He hits a powerslam for a 2 count. Sutter on the apron. Maria with the distraction and Bennett hits a dropkick. On the outside, Bennett sends Sutter into the guard rail. He sends him into the ring and tries a pin but only gets a 2. Sutter fights out of a chinlock but Bennett kicks him. They exchange punches and Sutter takes him down.

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