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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/19/17


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Impact starts with a recap of last week’s Last Man Standing Match between Lashley and EC3. Lashley wins and is the #1 Contender for Eddie Edwards’ TNA World Title.

The ring is filling up with wrestlers for Race for the Case. The Hardys have made their way to the ring to join Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Shera, Crazzy Steve and Jesse Godderz. Eli Drake and Tyrus make their way to the ring. DCC members Kingston and Bram are out next. Miracle Mike Bennett makes his way to the ring. It is noted that James Storm, Gregory Helms, and Maria are not allowed at ringside for this match.

The match starts and it’s mayhem everywhere. Kingston battles Steve in the corner. Broken Matt Hardy goes after a case but is stopped by the DCC. Tyrus is not in the ring. Eli Drake joins him and stands outside watching. Tyrus gets in the ring and Drake stays outside. So far, every attempt to get a case has been halted.

Tyrus cleans house and everyone is out of the ring. Eli Drake gets in and goes uncontested and grabs the red briefcase. They leave. Shera and Bennett have been battling the whole match and they’re on the outside. Jesse and Trevor Lee are fighting in the ring. Jesse hits a dropkick. Bennett comes behind him and sends him outside. Bennett sends Lee into the corner. He charges but Lee hits him with the double stomp. He makes his way up one of the fixtures and grabs the Blue briefcase. He then flies on top of everyone on the outside.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Crazzy Steve stopped Bennett from grabbing one of the two remaining cases. Bennett hits Broken Matt with a superkick. Hardy to the outside and Bennett follows him out. In the ring, Shera is fighting off both DCC members. He hits Bram with a Sky High. Miracle back in and he hits Miracle in Progress. Jeff Hardy comes in but Bennett sends him out. Godderz in the ring and he takes Bennett down with a suplex. Crazzy Steve stops Godderz from getting a case. Broken Matt is in but Steve takes him down with a cutter. Hardy sits up Undertaker style and goes after a case. Bennett takes him down. They fight and Hardy sends Bennett to the outside.

Steve stops Broken Matt from getting the case again. He hits a DDT from the second rope. DCC is in and they hit a Spike Piledriver onto Steve. Jesse springs off the ropes and hits a double clothesline on DCC. He puts the Adonis Crab on Kingston but Bram with the save. Bennett runs in and takes out Bram. Godderz is uncontested and grabs the Gold briefcase. Godderz dropped it and Bram and Kingston stole it. The ruling is, Godderz didn’t secure it so DCC gets it.

Jeff Hardy goes for the Green case. Broken Matt hits Bennett with a Twist of Fate. Jeff Hardy retrieves the case to end the match. The Green Case is the one Matt Hardy had a preemoneeetion about.

Cases won by Eli Drake, Trevor Lee, DCC, and Hardys

Recap of Drew’s and Moose’s debuts. Drew Galloway cuts a promo about how the company should’ve held off on the tournament finals for the Grand Championship. He wants to make the Grand Championship the top title in the world.

Lashley cuts a promo about how he beat EC3 and he tells Eddie Edwards he has a proposition for him.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial break and Lashley makes his way to the ring. The crowd comes to life for the first time as they boo him. Lashley talks about how no one can stop him from getting his title back. He calls Eddie Edwards out. Edwards comes to the ring and says he doesn’t have to answer him and no one owes him anything. He says Lashley knows that the title means everything and Edwards is a fighting champion. Lashley comes back and calls him a feel good story. Edwards gets mad and says the title is his life. Lashley challenges him to a 30 minute Iron Man Match. Edwards accepts and says Lashley will always be Eddie’s Bitch.

Lashley attacks him and throws him around the ring. Davey Richards comes in as Lashley was ready to deliver a spear.

Backstage, Maria leaves Braxton Sutter a voicemail and says to find her when he arrives. Brooke walks up and Maria mocks her. Brooke tells her off and walks off.

Commercial Break

Knockouts Match: Brooke vs Deanna

Brooke makes her return against a cute jobber KO. Madison Rayne is out for commentary. The crowd is excited with a Welcome Back chant. According to Josh, Brooke has history with this KO. Deanna shows some good technical wrestling. Brooke drops her with a shoulder block and Deanna goes to the outside. Brooke is out after her and runs her head into the apron. She sends her back in. Brooke puts her head into the turnbuckle ten times. Brooke locks in some version of the Last Chancery. Deanna fights out and Brooke hits a neckbreaker.

Deanna fights back and hits a running knee. The two girls are yelling at each other. Deanna with a headbutt right to the jaw. Brooke takes her down with a couple of clotheslines and a forearm. Brooke hits a Flap Jack. Brooke hits a frontward belly to back suplex for the win.

Winner: Brooke

After the match, Sienna comes in to attack but Brooke stops her. Sienna fights out of Brooke’s finisher and gets her in a choke. She runs off the ropes and hits The Silencer. She tells her Maria says, Welcome Back.

Backstage, Tyrus announces that the Fact of Life is back with a huge reveal of the case.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Braxton comes up and meets with Maria. She says Allie works for her. Sutter says he doesn’t care and he’s gonna keep training her. Maria threatens him to break up and stop training Allie. Sutter asks what happens if he doesn’t? Maria whispers in his ear and Sutter agrees to stop training Allie and break up with her.

Fact of Life with Eli Drake – Race for the Case Reveal

Tyrus gives him a rousing introduction and talks about the cases. Eli hits the Dummy button and opens his case. He reveals #4. The rest of the case holders laugh at him. Eli is unhappy about it. Tyrus tells him it’s fine and wants to keep things moving. DCC is next and after some funny business, they pass the briefcase up and reveal #2. Trevor shakes Tyrus’ hand. Eli hits the Dummy button again. Trevor is asking odd, funny questions. Trevor struggles to open his case. Eli hits the Dummy button twice. Trevor has #3. That leaves Jeff Hardy with #1. Eli Drake is pissed off and pushes the case off the desk.

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