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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/19/17


Results: Jeff Hardy has #1. DCC has #2. Trevor Lee has #3. Eli Drake has #4

Recap of Drew cashing in his case from last year on Mat Hardy. Then a recap of Moose beating Mike Bennett at Bound For Glory.

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Backstage, Allie runs up and kisses Braxton. He cuts her off and breaks up with her and walks off, leaving Allie in tears.

Spud introduces the Aron Rex, complete with his fur robe and make up. He blows kisses to the crowd and flamboyantly poses in the ring. Robbie E comes out with a mic and calls him out for wearing women’s lipstick. He brings out Swoggle to neutralize Spud.

Aron Rex & Spud vs Robbie E & Swoggle

Spud strips down to spandex and poses. Swoggle starts off with Spud. The crowd is going nuts for Swoggle. Spud with a cheapshot from behind. He keeps him down with punches and kicks. Rex announces he’s ready for a tag. He gets in and says it’s time to interrupt the violence. Swoggle grabs his leg and Rex cries about him being touched and tags Spud back in. Swoggle hits the GTS. But he tags in Rex. Swoggle bites him and tags in Robbie E. Robbie takes him down with clotheslines and a Thesz Press. Spud in but Robbie slams him onto Rex. Swoggle gives Spud a version of Stink Face. The crowd cheers and as Robbie gets out of the ring, Spud hits Swoggle from behind with a foreign object. Robbie E throws him out of the ring. Rex with a pose cover for the three count on Swoggle.

Winner: Aron Rex & Spud

Recap shows Drew turning heel and beating up the ref after losing to EC3 for a shot at the title at Bound For Glory. Recap shows Moose beating Aron Rex for the Grand Championship.

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Recap of Jade vs Rosemary cage match from December. Preview of Monsters Ball next week.

Backstage, Braxton picks up Laurel Van Ness in his car. She is coming on strong. He’s resisting and looks unhappy.

Another recap of Moose winning the Grand Championship with some talking by both Moose and Drew.

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Grand Championship Title Match: Moose (c) vs Drew Galloway

Drew is definitely in much better shape than he was in before his injury. They lock up. Drew with a headlock. Moose takes him down with a shoulder block. Drew gives him the finger and takes him down with his own shoulder block. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Moose hits a dropkick. Galloway tries a body press but Moose catches and hits a fall away slam. Moose charges in the corner but misses. Galloway hits a piledriver. He covers him for a 2 count. Drew gets him up and they trade shots in the middle of the ring again as time expires in a very even round 1.

Round 1 For Drew Galloway — 29-28

Moose comes out and hits a big boot to start the second round. The two exchange shots on the outside. Galloway runs into another boot. Drew gets Moose up on his shoulders and hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron. Drew wastes time and Moose battles back and hits a powerbomb onto the apron. The ref is counting both men out. Both men get back in the ring at the last second. Moose hits an avalanche in the corner. He hits a pop up powerbomb followed by a back splash. Drew moves out of the way of a moonsault and puts Moose into the Iron Maiden. Moose fights up but Galloway takes him back down. Moose survives the second round without tapping.

Round 2 For Moose — 29-28

All even as round three starts. They exchange blows in the middle of the ring again. Both announcers disagree that Moose won that round. Moose goes for the Game Changer but Galloway counters with a kick. Moose delivers a kick of his own. Galloway hits him in the corner and climbs the ropes. Moose hits a dropkick to Drew in midair. Galloway hits a low blow and the ref stops the clock. He deducts 1 point from Galloway for the low blow. Moose has time but he demands they start the match. The ref starts the match back up and Drew hits the Claymore and gets the three count.

Winner and New Grand Champion: Drew Galloway

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