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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/26/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Live Results. Please do not post spoilers.

Welcome to Impact Wrestling.┬áThe Broken Hardys make their way to the ring to kick things off. Matt asks Jeff if he wants to induldge any information. Jeff says it’s time to become World Champ again but asks Matt what the Seven Deities say. Matt talks of a preemoneeshun that they need to own all the gold and continue the tag team revolution.


DCC interrupts. They tease a challenge to the Hardys next week at Open Fight Night. Decay comes out. Crazzy Steve lays down a challenge, saying they want to reign chaos on the Impact Zone. An all out battle ensues and the impromptu match is about to get under way.

Tag Team Title Match: Broken Hardys (c) vs DCC vs Decay

Commercial Break

Back from break and DCC is working over Broken Matt in the corner. Matt backs into a corner and Crazzy Steve tags himself in. He bites Bram. Bram fights off and tags in Kingston. He goes for a cover for a two count. Kingston tosses Steve outside and Storm with a cheapshot before sending him back in. Anotehr cover for two. Kingston tags Bram back in. He hits a neckbreaker and a cover for two. Bram tags Kingston back in. He chops Steve and sends him into the ropes. He goes for a back drop but Steve hits a Russian Leg Sweep. He tags in Abyss who battles both Bram and Kingston. After a double clothesline, Jeff Hardy tags himself in off Kingston.

Jeff takes Abyss down and hits the double leg drop between the legs followed by the sitting dropkick and a cover for 2. Abyss whips Jeff into the ropes but Steve knees him in the back. Abyss calls for the chokeslam as Matt tries to get into the ring. Bram was able to tag himself in off Abyss. He chokes Jeff on the ropes in the corner. James Storm with a cheapshot while the ref was distracted. Kingston keeps working Jeff over. Bram tags in. He picks Hardy up but Hardy counters and goes fora Twist of Fate. Bram escapes they clothesline eachother. Bram crawls over and tags Kingston and Jeff gets the hot tag to Matt. Matt works Kingston over and hits the Side Effect. Crazzy Steve breaks up the pin. Hardy fights both Steve and Bram off, taking Steve for a running bulldog while giving a clothesline to Steve.

Abyss is in but Bram knocks him out of the ring. Matt Hardy sends Bram out of the ring. Kingston hits a reverse Russian Leg Sweep for a 2 count. Kingston on the ropes but Steve spits mist into his eyes. Jeff Hardy takes out Storm. Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Kingston for the three count.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

Backstage, the cameras catch up with Drew. He says they want the scoop but not here. He says out there and points to the ring. He says the Grand Championship will be defended tonight.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Laurel Van Ness and Braxton are on a date? Braxton is unhappy with it. Laurel forces a selfie. Laurel is overdoing the flirting and calls for wine. Braxton says he could go for about ten.

Drew makes his way to the ring. He says he’s the Chosen One and issues an open challenge for the Grand Championship. Moose’s music hits and he makes his way out. He says he’s gonna kick the hell out of him and get his Grand Championship back.

Commercial Break

Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs Moose

The match starts and they exchange punches in the cente rof the ring. Moose backs Drew into the corner and hits two chops. Drew hits him with a boot and knocks him into the corner. Drew with a series of chops of his own. Moose off the ropes with a jumping shoulder block. Drew with a chop but Moose hits a boot followed by a powerslam. He goes to the second rope and hits a moonsault but didn’t get all of it. A cover for 2. Drew to the outside. Moose with a headbutt. Drew fights back and he lifts Moose and drops him on the guardrail. He goes for a suplex but Moose reverses it and hits a suplex on the outside. Moose gets Drew up and they exchange blows on the outside again. Moose hits a powerbomb onto the apron. Drew is out on the floor. That’s the end of the round.

Round 1 goes to Moose: 30-27

Before the second round can begin, Galloway walks away up the ramp. He stops and returns to the ring. Round 2 starts and Moose lifts Galloway up and drives him into the corner. He hits the Go To Hell onto Galloway from the ropes. A cover but only gets a two count. He gets Galloway up and hits the Game Changer and Galloway’s leg came up and hit Moose with a low blow. The ref takes a point from Galloway for a seemingly inadvertant low blow. The match is restarted and Drew ducks a clothesline and hits the Claymore but only gets a 2 count. Drew with some ground and pound and he yells at the ref. Moose pushes Galloway into the ref, knocking him down. Drew then hits a blatant kick to the balls and hits the Future Shock for the three count.

Winner and Still Grand Champion: Drew Galloway

Laurel and Braxton are on their date and Laurel is talking his ear off and talking about herself. Braxton chugs wine as Laurel is clearly getting drunk.

Commercial Break

Knockouts Title Match – Monster’s Ball: Rosemary (c) vs Jade

Jade makes her way to the ring. Madison Rayne is on commentary with Josh and Pope. Rosemary comes out. Jade flies through the ropes and attacks her on the outside. Jade pounding down on her. Rosemary hits a clothesline on the ramp and Jade is down. Rosemary pounding down on her with forearm shots. Rosemary throws her into the ring and then throws a trash can full of weapons into the ring. She grabs a trash can lid and beats Jade over the back.

Rosemary grabs a kendo stick and hits a nasty shot to the back. She goes for the cover but Jade kicks out at 2. Rosemary continues with the kendo stick and goes for another cover but another 2 count. Rosemary goes under the ring and grabs a bag of tacks. She pours them in the corner and tries to suplex Jade but she reverses it and send Rosemary into the corner. She takes off her belt and whips Rosemary over and over. Rosemary grabs the trash can and hits Jade with it. She positions on Jade and climbs the ropes but Jade throws the trash can at her face. She hits a german suplex to Rosemary onto the tacks. She covers her for a very close 2.

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