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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 1/26/17


Jade with the trash can lid. She blocks Rosemary’s mist and then kicks the lid into Rosemary’s face for a 2 count. Jade brings in a table. Rosemary was able to recover and hit Jade. She delivers a snap suplex and covers her for 2. Rosemary grabs the board with barbed wire and throws it into the ring. Rosemary goes for Red Wedding but Jade battles out and throws her into the barbed wire board. Jade covers her and another very close 2. Jade puts the board onto Rosemary’s prone body. She does a springboard moonsault onto the board with Rosemary under it. Jade sets up the table while Rosemary is down. She lays Rosemary on the table and climbs the ropes. Rosemary gets off the table and knocks her down. She climbs the ropes and they exchange punches. Rosemary gets control. She sets her up and hits a superplex through the table. Rosemary with the cover for a 3 count.

Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Rosemary


After the match, Gail Kim comes out to help Jade. Rosemary sees her and crawls toward her. She spits mist into the eyes of Gail Kim. Rosemary goes to the outside and laughs viciously.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and to Laurel and Braxton’s date. Laurel propositions him but Braxton resists and says he’s gonna find the waiter. Laurel calls Maria and says it’s going great and poor Allie.

Caleb Konley is shown talking in a documentary style interview and he talks about how he got into wrestling.

X Division Championship: DJZ (c) vs Caleb Konley vs Andrew Everett vs Marshe Rocket vs Trevor Lee

Everett, Lee, and Rocket are in the ring when Caleb makes his entrance followed by the champ, DJZ. The match starts with DJZ and Caleb fighting off the other three. Marshe Rocket takes out Lee and Everett with a clothesline. DJZ hits a hurricanrana to Trevor. Caleb and DJZ are the only ones left in the ring. Caleb with a pin attempt for a 2 count. DJZ comes off the ropes but Konley catches him into a suplex pin

The X Division guys pulled off some crazy spot where three guys got ddt’d simultaneously while DJZ hit a neckbreaker taking all five men down. DJZ tried to pin everyone but only got 2 counts. DJZ goes off the ropes but Lee grabs him and pulls him out. Caleb with a suicide dive onto Lee and then back in and did it on the other side onto Rocket. Andrew Everett is the only man standing and he does a twisting springboard onto Rocket and Caleb. DJZ with a flip dive over the ropes onto everyone. Rocket is the only one left. He goes off the ropes and dives over the top rope onto everyone.

Rocket throws Everett into the ring. Lee hits him from behind. They’re gonna double team but Caleb with the save. Rocket hits Caleb and covers him for a 2. Lee goes fora pin to Rocket but Everett breaks up the pin. They push each other. They go after Caleb and he grabs Lee does a back cradle suplex into a pin. Everett hits a springboard shooting star onto Caleb. DJZ comes in and hit Everett with his jumping DDT for the 3 count.

Winner and Still X Division Champion: DJZ

After the match, Trevor Lee attacks DJZ from behind. Helms brings in two chairs and they put one on DJZ’s ankle and Lee uses the other to hit him several times, injuring DJZ.

Backstage, Davey Richards pep talks Edwards. He says he has his back but Edwards says no disrespect but I have to do it alone. He needs to prove it to himself that he can’t beat Lashley by himself. Richards looks distraught.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Broken Matt Hardy is talking Jeff up about Open Fight Night next week. He tells Vanguard One to bring up potential people for Jeff to fight. It showed DJZ, but Jeff said DELETE. Next was Rosemary, but Jeff said DELETE. Then it showed Ricky Morton. But Jeff said he’s too close to heaven. DELETE. Then it shows Eddie Edwards. Jeff says maybe it’s time for the Charismatic Enigma to become champ again. Matt Hardy has a preemoneeshun and says he saw who Jeff will choose next week.

World Championship – 30 Minute Iron Man Match: Eddie Edwards (c) vs Lashley

Lashley is out first followed by the champ. Eddie dodges Lashley a couple of times and hits a series of chops before Lashley hits a clothesline. Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex. He sets up for a Spear but Edwards moves and hits a big boot, sending Lashley to the outside. Edwards hits a suicide dive onto Lashley. Edwards hits two very hard chops. Lashley battles back and attempts to send Edwards into the steps but Edwards blocks and sends Lashley into the steps 3 times. He sends Lashley into the ring. He charges but Lashley turns it into a side suplex. He covers him for a 2.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Lashley still in control. Edwards takes Lashley down with a couple of clotheslines and hits a series of chops. Edwards goes off the ropes but Lashley hits a Spear and gets a 3 count. Lashley leads 1-0 in the Iron Man Match.

Starting back up, Lashley beats on Edwards in the corner. He chokes him with his foot. He hits a neckbreaker as the announcement is made that 20 minutes remain. Lashley keeps him grounded with a rear chinlock. Edwards fights out but Lashley takes him down with an elbow. After a couple of punches, Edwards ducks and hits a back slam. Lashley back up and he charges but Edwards catches him. He rolls him up for a pin but Lashley kicks out and Edwards turns into a single leg boston crab. Lashley makes it to the ropes. Edwards charges but Lashley catches him and gives him an overhead belly to belly over the ropes to the outside. Edwards landed hard.

Lashley goes out after him and drags him up the ramp. He hits a back kick and hits a high powerbomb onto the ramp. Lashley walks to the ring and he gets the second fall by countout. Lshley leads now, 2-0.

Eddie is still down. The ref is trying to get Edwards up and into the ring. He begins to count again. Edwards is slowly getting to his feet. Lashley break the 10 count and attacks Edwards on the ramp again. And announcement that there’s 15 minutes left. Edwards crawls into the ring but Lashley knocks him right back out. The crowd is behind Lashley as a chant of “It’s Too Easy” breaks out.

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