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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 2/16/17


Sienna stomps Brooke and hits a running samoan drop. Sienna sends her into the corner but Brooke moves. She runs up the ropes on her and hits a facebuster. After Maria gets on the apron, Sienna takes control and hits two fall away slams. Sienna goes for the AK 47 but Brooke slides out and rolls her up for the three count.

Winner: Brooke

Back to the bachelor party. Braxton tries to leave but Bennett talks him into staying. He brings out the enchanting Roxanne. She’s hideous with a cigarette and sounds like a grandmom who smokes 3 packs a day.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Eli Drake cuts a promo outside on Tyrus.

Lashley makes his way to the ring. He says he’s still champ and he loves to fight and hurt people. He says there’s no one alive that can hang with him. Music kicks on and Josh Barnett comes out. He says he was in his corner for a lot of his wins. He says he’s disappointed and he hasn’t lived up to his expectations. He says he needs to get into the ring with him and elevate him and prove that Lashley is worthy of holding that belt. Lashley tells him not to be stupid and don’t make the mistake of listening to these people. Lashley tells him it’s his world and go to the back. Josh Barnett puts him in an armbar and Lashley pulls away.

Lashley says again to not listen to the people and get into a fight he doesn’t want. Barnett challenges him to a match and challenges him to put the title on the line. Lashley accepts.

Commercial Break

Back from break, the bachelor party. Everyone is passed out and Braxton looks bored. He tries to wake Mike Bennett up but can’t. He positions the stripper onto Bennett’s lap and takes a pic. He sneaks out.

Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards

Eddie is in the ring and Angelina comes out and says, you asked for it, you got it. Davey attacks Eddie from behind in the ring. Richards beats on him on the outside. Eddie misses a chop and hits the ring post with his hand. Davey takes advantage. After a commercial and Eddie fights back and sends Davey to the outside. He does a suicide dive but clears the guard rail and into the crowd. Angelina Love comes in with a chair. Davey also has a chair. Eddie takes the chair from Angelina and Davey hits him with the chair.

Angelina hands him a chair. They share a very provocative kiss, with tongue and all. Eddie’s wife Alicia comes in and jumps on Davey’s back. Angelina lays her out and she pulls out handcuffs. She handcuffs Alicia to the ropes. She asks Davey for the chair. She’s about the hit Alicia with the chair but Eddie covers her up. Davey hits Eddie several times with the chair while his wife screams. Angelina sets a chair on Eddie’s head and Davey hits the Con Chairto. Angelina kicks the ref square in the balls. Angelina makes the three count. They lean down and make out right in front of Alicia and again over the fallen body of Eddie.

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