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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 2/2/17


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Broken Matt and Brother Nero come to the ring. Matt says the spotlight will be on Brother Nero. He says they must win tag team gold ageen, and ageen, and ageen. The seven deities will provide them with a teleportation mechaneesm and they must win all of the tag team gold. He calls out the Bucks of Youth, The Day of New, and the Family of Wyatts. He says if they won’t come us, then they must go to them. He gives the floor to Brother Nero who announces he’ll challenge Bobby Lashley for the World Championship.

Lashley comes out to the ring. He says he knew their paths would cross. Josh makes an interesting observation that because Hardy is challenging Lashley, the tag titles won’t be defended tonight. Lashley says he has no problem destroying him. Jeff tells Matt to watch from the back. No excuses.

Commercial Break

World Title Match: Lashley (c) vs Jeff Hardy

Back from commercial and Hardy and Lashley lock up. Lashley sends him to the mat Jeff rolls to the outside. Back in. Jeff with some punches but Lashley takes him down with a clothesline followed by a standing vertical suplex. Lashley goes for the spear but Hardy moves. Hardy send Lashley to the outside with a dropkick. He comes off the apron with an axe handle. He sets up the steps. He hits a Twist of Hate on the outside.

Lashley blocks an attempt by Hardy to send him into the steps. He gets Hardy up and hits a very hard looking powerbomb onto the steel steps. Lashley controls things on the outside.

Commercial Break

We’re back and Lashley is still in control in the ring. He mocks the Delete chant. Hardy fights back and hits a series of classic Hardy moves. He covers him for 2. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs the ropes slowly. He hits the Swanton. He covers him for a very close 2 that draws the crowd to chant, “That Was 3”. Jeff hits a second Swanton. Lashley gets his foot on the bottom rope after another very close 2 count. Jeff takes Lashley to the outside and sends him into the steps. He runs and springs off the steps for a dropkick to Lashley who was against the guardrail.

Hardy comes over the top rope for a Senton but Lashley rolls under the ring and Hardy crashes and burns. Lashley sends him into the ring. He hits a spear for a 3 count.

Winner, and Still World Champion: Lashley

Eddie Edwards comes out and talks some trash. He calls Lashley Triple B. Bitch Boy Bobby. He requests his rematch. Lashley said he had to jump through hoops to get his shot. After some antagonizing, Lashley agrees but says he gets one shot at it.

Backstage, Eli Drake and Tyrus are scheming. Tyrus says tonight, they’re shocking the world with their announcement of their case.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Rosemary approaches Brandi again and invites her to the garden so they can “decay” together. Brandi resists and Rosemary says it’ll have to be the hard way then.

Sandow and Spud arrive on a golf cart. Sandow looks pretty as ever.

Sienna vs Brooke

Brooke attacks Sienna right away. Sienna powers out of a russian legsweep attempt. Brooke with a cover but Maria with a distraction. Brooke chases her around the ring and gets into the ring but Sienna takes her down with a clothesline. Maria with cheapshots on the outside. Sienna with a cover for 2.

Maria distracts the ref while Sienna chokes Brooke. She covers her for 2. She goes for the AK-47 but Brooke fights out. She hits a legsweep back breaker. She applies a variation fo the Last Chancery. Sienna battles out. Brooke hits a swinging neck breaker. She goes to the top. Maria pushes her off while Sienna distracts the ref. Sienna hits The Silencer for the 3 count.

Winner: Sienna

After the match, Maria and Sienna taunt Brooke while she’d down.

Backstage, DCC cuts a promo. James Storm says everyone has a target on their back.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial, and a recap is shown of Rosemary trying to recruit Brandi Rhodes into decay.

Backstage, Sandow is getting his make up done. Spud takes the make up lady to task and takes over the make up duties. He demands compliments from Spud and then says he looks Rexcellent.

DCC is in the ring to cash in their case. James Storm says they’re in the ass kicking business. They lay the challenge out to Decay to a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: DCC vs Decay

Decay making their way to the ring and Bram and Kingston attack them on the ramp. Steve throws a chair into the face of Kingston. Abyss and Storm battle and Storm sends Abyss into the steps. The match looks to be a 3 on 2 match.

A table is set up across the apron and guardrail. Storm attempts a powerbomb through the table but Steve bites him to get out of it. Kingston and Abyss battle behind the crowd. Storm joins the fray. Abyss fights them off and hits a double clothesline to Storm and Bram. Crazzy Steve flies from the crowd onto all three members of DCC.

Abyss sends Kingston into the ring. He brings out the tacks. Crazzy Steve brings out the barbed wire board and slides it in the ring. Abyss pours the tacks out. He grabs Kingston and rips his shirt off. He attempts a chokeslam onto the tacks but Kingston kicks him below the belt. Kingston climbs the ropes but Rosemary mists him. Abyss chokeslams Kingston bare back onto the tacks. Storm makes the save after a very close 2 count. Storm hits Abyss with a beer bottle and The Last Call. Abyss falls onto the barbed wire board.

Steve throws a chair into the face of Bram. Bram is laying on the table. Steve climbs the ropes but Storm kicks him down. Bram delivers a piledriver through the table on the outside. Storm with the cover for a 3 count.

Winners: DCC

Backstage, Drew is shown walking toward the ring. It’s announced that the Grand Championship is on the line tonight.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Mike Bennett and Maria confront Braxton who says the date was a nightmare. Maria says he’s going to propose to Laurel. Braxton says no and Maria threatens Allie. Mike Bennett gives him some words of encouragement about it being a win-win and he’s going to throw him the best bachelor party.

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