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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 2/2/17


Drew makes his way to the ring. He cuts a promo about making the title mean more than the World Title. He says he’s an entity. He says wherever he goes, he elevates. Moose interrupts him and comes out onto the ramp. He says Drew kicked him in the nuts deliberately. Moose says he’s due for an ass whoopin. Drew bails from the ring and says he already gave someone an opportunity. He says, “This Guy” and a jobber with red hair comes out. The refs send Moose away from the ring.

Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs Rob Rizen


Round 1 begins and Rizen stands up to Drew but gets slapped. Rizen gets fired up and hits Galloway with a series of punches. Drew takes him down with a big boot. He beats on him and hits an overhead belly to belly. Rizen tries to fight back but eats a piledriver. Drew hits the Future Shock for the 3 count.

Winner, and Still Grand Champion: Drew Galloway

Backstage, Helms cuts a promo with Trevor Lee and says he’s ready to make his challenge.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Trevor Lee makes his way to the ring with Gregory Helms. Trevor Lee cuts a promo and challenges an injured DJZ to a Ladder Match for the X Division Title.

X Division Title Ladder Match: DJZ (c) vs Trevor Lee

DJZ hits a couple of shots and sends Lee to the outside. DJZ goes for the ladder. Lee attempts a baseball slide but DJZ moves and hits him with the ladder. He takes it into the ring but Lee pulls it away from him. Lee on the outside, DJZ flies over the ropes with a body press. He puts the ladder into the ring but Lee slams his ankle against the apron. Lee sets the ladder up and starts climbing. DJZ pushes the ladder down and Lee lands on the ropes.

DJZ sets up the ladder but Helms distracts him. Lee flies in with a caveman punch. Lee climbs the ladder again. DJZ pulls him down but Lee continues attacking the injured leg. Trevor takes the ladder and hits the injured leg of the champ. He puts DJZ’s leg inside the ladder but DJZ kicks the ladder into Lee’s face. He climbs up the ladder but Lee runs up the other side. They exchange punches and Lee falls to the mat. DJZ climbs but Lee grabs his leg. DJZ falls down and hits the DDT. DJZ keeps climbing. Helms throws a chair in to Trevor Lee who hits DJZ leg and he falls off the ladder.

Trevor Lee traps DJZ’s leg into the chair and then under the ladder. Trevor Lee climbs the ladder and DJZ is trapped. Lee grabs the title belt.

Winner, and New X Division Champion: Trevor Lee

Backstage, Tyrus says Eli Drake is going to make the biggest surprise challenge in the history of wrestling. He says all the dummies have to wait.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Spud sings the name of Aron Rex. Robbie E interrupts but Aron puts his hand in his face. Robbie challenges him but Aron says he needs to prepare physically, mentally, and spiritually. So next week, they have a date.

Eli Drake and Tyrus are in the ring. Tyrus is on the mic because Eli Drake refuses to talk because the people can’t act right. Tyrus announces that his challenge is for EC3. The lights go out and EC3 makes his way out to the ring walking gingerly. Tyrus mocks him as a cripple. EC3 gets in the ring and Tyrus tells him to give the girls a treat and take his shirt. He does to reveal a very nasty bruise.

Eli Drake attacks him and the bell rings.

Eli Drake vs EC3

Eli works him over. They go to a commercial break. They come back and Eli Drake is beating on EC3 on the outside of the ring. He goes under the ring and grabs a baseball bat as Tyrus distracts the ref. EC3 avoids the bat shot but Eli takes back control again and keeps working over the midsection. EC3 keeps trying to fight him off but to no avail.

After more punishment and taunting, EC3 finally comes out of the corner with a clothesline. He tries to psych himself up but Eli takes him down with a clothesline. Eli goes for his finisher but EC3 counters into a roll up for a 3 count out of nowhere.

Winner: EC3

After the match, Eli Drake has the bat and attacks EC3 from behind. He hits an inverted stunner and then beats EC3 viciously with the bat. The lights go out. They come back on and DCC is in the ring. They’ve surrounded Eli and Tyrus. They turn though and attack EC3.

Eli and Tyrus are smiling and taunting the crowd. DCC attacks them from behind too. Storm lays out Eli Drake with The Last Call. Bram and Kingston take out Tyrus on the outside. Bodies are everywhere as DCC has laid everyone out. They bring in a chair and get EC3 up. Kingston and Bram hit a spike piledriver onto the chair. They stand tall to close the show.

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