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Impact Wrestling Live Results – 2/9/16


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling results. NO SPOILERS PLEASE

DCC comes out to the ring. Storm cuts a promo about being on a mission. Eli Drake w/ Tyrus comes out on the ramp. Tyrus speaks and says they write checks they can’t cash. Calls them out to face them straight up. The brawl starts. Bram & Kingston battle Tyrus on the outside. Eli Drake and Storm fight on the other side.

Commercial Break

We’re back and the match is official. Three on two handicap match. Tyrus and Eli Drake are beating on Kingston. Bram gets a tag in. Eli turns things around and keeps control of Bram. Tyrus and Eli tag back and forth. Bram finally fights out and tags in Storm. The Cowboy hits a series of moves on Eli. He goes for The Last Call but Eli tags in Tyrus. He takes out all three members of DCC. He turns and Eli Drake has walked out on him. Storm hits The Last Call on Tyrus for the win.

Winners: The DCC

Highlights are shown of Lashley vs Edwards in the cage for the X Division Title back in July.

Backstage, Brandi cuts a promo about being the best KO she can be. Talks trash on Rosemary and says she’s calling her out.

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Allie runs into Braxton backstage. Maria interrupts their conversation demanding her coffee. Allie walks away and Maria continues her secret threat blackmailing of Braxton.

Brandi comes to the ring. She calls out Rosemary. Rosemary comes out with Decay in tow. She says Brandi had so much potential. Decay comes to everyone but choice or by force. Decay gets into the ring and they surround Brandi. Rosemary gets her in the guillotine choke. Moose comes out and takes out Decay. Rosemary lets Brandi go and Decay retreats.

Backstage, Rockstar Spud sings Aron Rex’s name. He calls Robbie E a fashion No No. Says violence is not the answer but tonight, he’ll make an exception.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Moose and Brandi challenge Decay to a mixed tag match.

Aron Rex vs Robbie E

Spud is in the ring and introduces Aron Rex. Aron gets on the mic and has Spud sing his name several times until Robbie E interrupts him. Aron plays the heel who doesn’t want his face hit. They run around the ring. Robbie in control early. Rex turns things around and sends him to the outside where Spud interferes. Robbie fights back and takes Aron down. Robbie is distracted by Spud in the ring. Rex hits Robbie after adjusting the tape on his fingers for the three count.

Winner: Aron Rex

Backstage, Queen Rebecca is questioning what Broken Matt is doing. Brother Nero says the 7 Deities have never been wrong. Broken Matt walks up and talks about the Expedition of Gold.

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Recap is shown of Eddie Edwards winning the world title off Lashley.

Backstage, Mike Bennett pep talks Braxton Sutter. Sutter tells Bennett he’s going to do the right thing.

Queen Rebecca with King Maxel are out playing the piano as the Broken Hardys make their way to the ring. King Maxel joins in with doing DELETE. Jeff Hardy tells the crowd that Broken Matt has important news about their future. Matt Hardy says he’s had many preemoneeshuns like little pieces of a puzzle coming together. He unveils an upgraded Vanguard 1 which is now the most powerful drone in all of space and time because it’s a vessel of teleportation.

He says Vanguard 1 will take them all over the globe while they win title after title after title. Jeff asks Matt to clarify his preemoneeshuns about teleportation. It could take them to the Honorable Ring or the dastardly Mick Mahan Show. But they must win all the tag team gold. Expedition to Gold must begin. They teleport out of the Impact Zone and arrive outside in Tijuana Mexico.

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Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs Mahabali Shera

The first round starts and Shera attempts a series of pinning combinations for two counts. Shera with a powerslam. Drew to the outside and takes out Shera. He brings him to the outside and beats on him. Back in the ring. Shera closes out the round with a couple of clotheslines. He hits the Sky High but after the bell rings. Round 1 goes to Shera 29-28.

Round 2 starts and Shera charges him but Drew takes him down with a big boot. Drew with a series of moves to control the first half of the round. Shera fights back and takes him down with some clotheslines. Drew takes control back. Shera goes for the Sky High but Galloway counters and hits The Claymore and the Future Shock DDT for the win.

Winner, and Still Grand Champion: Drew Galloway

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Backstage, Laurel is talking to a tech guy. Braxton comes up. He says he wants to talk to her. He drops his bottle of water. He bends down to pick it up and Laurel immediately says Yes, she’ll marry him and runs off to tell Maria.

The Helms Dynasty is in the ring. Trevor Lee has the mic. He talks about being the crown jewel of the X Division and the Helms Dynasty. Andrew Everett doesn’t look happy. Helms has the mic and calls Everett the weakness in the Helms Dynasty. He berates him and asks how many times he’s gonna fail. Everett has had enough and rips the mic out of Shane’s hands. He tells Shane he’s wrong and says he’s an old man living off his former glory. Shane attacks him. Trevor Lee joins in and they take Everett out.

Recap and commentary from both Lashley and Edwards leading up to their Final Battle tonight.

Commercial Break

Outside in Tiajuana. Broken Matt is asking for the tag team champions of Tiajuana. They interact with lots of fans. They need the people to take them to the tag team champions of Mexico. A promo is shown that The Hardys will face Psicosis and Super Crazy in Tiajuana Mexico next week.

World Championship Match: Lashley (c) vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie is out first. Bobby comes out next. Lashley takes him down with two shoulder blocks. He goes to the outside to taunt his wife who is sitting ringside. Edwards and a suicide dive. He works Lashley over on the outside. Back in the ring, Edwards charges but Lashley catches him with a spinebuster.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Bobby has Edwards down int he corner. He gets him up and hits a neckbreaker. He keeps working him over. Edwards comes out of the corner with a clothesline. He takes Lashley to the outside with a hurricanrana. He hits a suicide dive and sends Lashley back into the ring. He hits a missle dropkick and covers Lashley for a two count. Bobby ducks away from Edwards and hits a Dominator for a two count. Lashley brings in the belt but Davey Richards comes down and takes it from him. Edwards hits a Blue Thunderbomb for a two count.

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