Impact Wrestling News – Steve Maclin, Champagne Singh’s Goals, Trinity Discusses Her Music Projects


During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Impact Wrestling World Champion Steve Maclin shared his perspective on the best aspects of Impact Wrestling and drew comparisons between his current promotion and WWE. He said,

“I say it in every interview, Impact Wrestling is the best wrestling show from beginning to end. No matter what you want to watch, Impact Wrestling has it, and that’s the best part about it. Even before I was with the company, Deonna would watch live on Twitch, and I’m just sitting there, ‘This is a really entertaining show.’ Every character flows into some type of story with each other, and it reminds me very much of watching the Attitude Era back in the day with backstage segments and then the matches. Everything just flows into one another and then somehow culminates into whatever the main story is.”


In a recent interview with Pwmania, Impact Wrestling star Champagne Singh discussed the trajectory of his company’s current success and what the promotion aims to accomplish in the future. Singh also spoke about his own wrestling heritage and goals going forward.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On IMPACT’s success in 2023 so far: “IMPACT’s progression has been top quality. But, honestly I’m not surprised by it just because you know, being behind the scenes and seeing the trajectory and the storylines and the progression of not only the talent, but the the production team and everything like that. I’m not surprised because it’s been great. Since I’ve been there. It’s only getting better.”

On his predictions for himself next year: “It’s tough to say because there’s so many storylines and so many moving parts. So many great talents with an influx are all times when you talent. So I mean, it will definitely get better. But the forecast for myself, I think that Champagne Singh is definitely going to be a household name. Whether people love me or hate me, that’s for sure.”

On the potential for IMPACT to go international in the future: “My thoughts on that initially are, I do feel that is going to happen. And I think it’s more like that positive reinforcement, you know, thinking it into existence, manifesting this. But yeah, I do feel that IMPACT’s gonna be making the move to do international stuff. Like in the UK, maybe other parts of Europe, I have my fingers crossed. I’m praying that we get to go to India. So we can take everybody to the motherland and just take some time to enjoy it over there. Because it’s such a special place in the world that is foreign to the Americans. And I mean, it’s definitely something that would be special to be able to represent in front of our people. And then they can see why the wrestling fans in India just love it so much. I’m just getting excited talking about it because the roof would be blown off with the excitement in there.”

On his own background and wrestling’s popularity in India: “I think it’s more so it’s just hitting the mainstream now over the last maybe let’s say 10 years, where people are kinda like realizing India’s such a big wrestling hub, but in the state of Punjab, where we’re from an India, it’s a wrestling breeding ground. My family and the people were all from Punjab. Kushti is the main thing, that’s like wrestling, amateur wrestling style. And then from there, all that warrior mentality translates into us being athletes. Like a guy like Bhupinder, he’s a kickboxer. I don’t know if people knew that, you know, and then I was amateur wrestling, and I was boxing growing up as well. The glitz and glamour as well accompanied with the amateur wrestling or the fighting. That’s what makes India such a place for the big fans, like the big amount of fans there. Of course, they just enjoy the product, whether it be our company, especially IMPACT, but they are supporting all types of wrestling, which is huge. It’s going to be special down the road. As you said, like my family, and then myself, and now Bhupinder, Shera. We have some other guys out there in the world, and some women as well that are also wrestling with our heritage. With the population we have, I can just see more and more Punjabis, and Indians and Desis around the world wanting to join in the fun.”

And finally, in a recent appearance on the Paltrocast, Trinity discussed her plans for upcoming music projects, which she wishes to do with JoJo Offerman and WWE’s Samantha Irvin. She said,

I’ve been talking to Samantha [Irvin] about doing music with her and JoJo [Offerman], we recorded songs together years ago that we just got away from because of our lifestyle and work and family, all the things that kind of takes you away from it. We really want to, at some point, get back together now that life is in a different space. That’s still something on my dream list to accomplish and do, I would love to do Broadway. On my off time, I am trying to still take classes, vocal lessons, and stuff like that. My music, I’m tapping into now, trying to get back into that. I don’t feel when I’m not able to create or I’m not able to express myself creatively I never feel at my best.”

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