Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 Results


    Here are the results for Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019. The event takes place on April 28, 2019, at The Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    There are seven scheduled matches, with all Impact championships on the line. The main events see Brian Cage challenging Johnny Impact for the World Championship, and Lucha Brothers vs. LAX in Full Metal Mayhem for the Tag Team Championship. Also includes Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim, and Scarlett Bordeaux’s Impact PPV match debut.

    #1 Six Pack X-Divison Scramble — Petey Williams vs. Jake Crist vs. Aiden Prince vs. Ace Austin vs. Cousin Jake vs. Eddie Edwards – Winner: Ace Austin rolled up Petey Williams

    – Major plugs for “Impact Plus”, a subscription service like the WWE Network.

    – Sami Callihan responds to Rich Swann visiting the oVe compound earlier this week. His jacket says “Death Machine”, and Rich should know what that means. He’s going to pay. If anyone comes to screw him out of this match there will be hell to pay. Sami’s come to break Rich’s legs. Thumbs up. Thumbs Down.

    #2. Scarlett Bordeaux (w/ Fallah Bahh vs. Rohit Raju (w/ The Desi Hit Squad) – Winner: Scarlett Bordeaux
    #3. The Rascalz (Dez, Wentz & Trey) vs Moose & The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) – Winners: Moose with the spear

    – A backstage interview with Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie. Johnny demands everyone listen. Lance Storm being the guest referee won’t change anything tonight. They mock Brian Cage & Jordynne Grace, selling themselves as the most powerful couple in Impact history. When the night is over, the title’s going home with them.

    #4. Impact Knockout’s Championship — Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Jordynne Grace – Winner: Taya Valkyrie with the Road to Valhalla

    – Gail Kim interview. She’s coming out of retirement to teach Tessa Blanchard the biggest lesson no one’s been able to teach her .. respect.

    #5. oVe rules for the Impact X-Division Championship — Rich Swann (c) vs. Sami Callihan – Winner: Rich Swann using a barbed wire baseball bat in a crossface to force submission

    – Tessa Blanchard interview. Respect? Everyone’s talking about this word. She knows what it is, as she comes from a family of respect. Her family is in the Hall of Fame. She looked up to Gail when she was a pioneer of women’s wrestling, but all the respect ended when she cost her the Knockout’s Championship.

    She’s not going to learn any lessons. Gail’s going to regret trying to teach her this lesson. Her father Tully Blanchard walks in and motivates her to show Kim what she’s all about.

    #6. Tessa Blanchard vs. Gail Kim – Winner: Tessa Blanchard with a rear naked choke submission

    – Tessa & Gail broke character and embraced with a hug. Blanchard thanks Gail for the match, leaving her in the ring with the spotlight.

    – Brian Cage is pissed. Nothing’s stopping him from taking the title from Johnny Impact tonight. Storm is calling it down the middle. He’s going to tear his head off .. you want The Machine? He’s getting The Machine.

    #7. Impact World Championship (Lance Storm as Guest Referee) — Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage – Winner: Brian Cage with the Drillclaw to become the new Impact World Champion.

    – Michael Elgin is here! He wants to challenge Brian Cage for the World Championship. He takes the champ out with a spinning sitdown powerbomb! Elgin throws the title down on Cage’s lifeless body, making his intentions known.

    – A pep talk by Konnan for his boys. He didn’t want it to come to this, but it has. Let the best team win. To live and die by LAX .. 5150!

    #8. Full Metal Mayhem for the Impact World Tag Team Championship — The Lucha Bros (Fénix and Pentagón Jr.) (c) vs. The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz and Santana w/ Konnan) – Winners: LAX with a super powerbomb from a ladder through a table of thumbtacks; to become 4-time Impact World Tag Team Champions

    Brutal main event as expected. Konnan checks on the Lucha Brothers. He gets the teams together and has them embrace each other. The rest of the locker room come out to celebrate a solid event with the fans. A surprisingly good show with everything you could ask for.

    –Impact Wrestling Rebellion 2019 Results–

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