Impact Wrestling Results – 3/17/17


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Alberto El Patron comes to the ring. He cuts a promo about relinquishing the title and challenges Lashley again. EC3 comes out. He challenges Alberto but Alberto says no. EC3 insults him and tells him he has “No Mas Testicles”. This brings Alberto back in he says he’s here to fight the dog, not the bitch. The two brawl and security breaks it up. Alberto accepts EC3’s challenge.

Commercial Break

Laredo Kid and Garza Jr def Eli Drake and Tyrus when Garza Jr rolled up Eli Drake for a three count. Kid and Garza are a tag team from the Crash promotion.

Clips of Moose, James Storm, and Eddie Edwards in Japan, wrestling in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Brandi Rhodes was set to face Kayci Quinn but Cody interrupted. He offered Casey $45, which is $20 more than she was gonna get paid, and he laid out the challenge to Moose for the Grand Championship. He took Brandi with him and left. No match.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial, Rosemary is brutalizing Kayci on the outside. She throws her into the ring and hits Red Wedding, leaving her laying.

Alberto El Patron def EC3 with the Cross Armbreaker. After the match, El Patron wouldn’t let EC3 leave the ring without paying him his due respect. EC3 got an ovation from the crowd and Patron knelt down and clapped for him. They shook hands and EC3 left.

Reno Scum cut a promo about something.

EC3 is backstage and he kicks a trashcan out of frustration. Bruce Prichard attempts to calm him down.

Commercial Break

Trevor Lee successfully defended the X Division title in a Fatal Fourway by pinning Braxton Sutter. The other participants were Andrew Everett and Suicide. There was a great high spot where Suicide was going for a Superplex and Trevor was on Braxton’s shoulders and it was a combination superplex, super german suplex, powerbomb. At one point, Laurel was in the crowd and was arguing with Allie. Braxton went out to break it up and got pinned when he got back in the ring.

After the match, Sienna comes out and says Romeo and Juliet always end in a tragic demise.

Commercial Break

Bruce Prichard comes out to address the Tag Team Title situation. He says in two weeks, there will be four teams and they will crown new champs. Decay comes out and says they deserve the titles. Reno Scum comes out and says “Oi”. The new tag team from Crash comes out. Decay lays the other two teams out and then LAX comes out. Konnan and Homocide walk to the ring and two more guys and a girl come from out the crowd and lay out decay. Konnan gets on the mic and yells something in Spanish and says, “Live and Die in LAX”.


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