Impact Wrestling Results – 3/2/17


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The Hardys are teleported to a…flea market? Broken Matt says at least it’s not a bingo hall.

They walk through the flea market in search of tag team gold to procure. They find the promoter but a team already has a #1 contender team who won a 64 team tournament. As the Hardys plead their case, Senor Benjamin asks the #1 contenders, the Appalachian Outlaws for their autograph and then tasers them. The Hardys get their match as long as the promoter doesn’t need to pay them. They approach the tag team champs who are worried that they now have to fight the Hardys.

The MCW National Tag Team Titles are on the line. The highlights show the Hardys dominating in the beginning. The Outlaws come out and drag Jeff away and backstage. They get hardcore and beat down Jeff with weapons. In the ring, the champs are dominating Broken Matt. Backstage, the Outlaws took the fight to Jeff but he vanished. He shows back up with Senor Benjamin and they have fireworks. The Outlaws run and they get fireworks shot at them outside.

In the ring, Matt Hardy is getting a beating until Jeff returns. He fights off the champs and Matt makes a comeback. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and Jeff hits the Swanton Bomb.

Winners, and New MCW National Tag Team Champions: The Broken Hardys

The fairly large crowd chants for Maxel and chant DELETE. They are doing some media afterwards and then vanish.

Backstage, Moose is being tended to and Drew shows up and offers him his rematch.

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Highlights of the wedding from last week were shown. McKenzie Mitchell is backstage and she hears crying. She goes in and Laurel is crying and rambling on like a high school girl saying she hates Braxton and she’ll be fine.

Grand Championship Match: Drew Galloway (c) vs Moose

The match starts and they take turns hitting chops. They go to the outside. Moose sends Drew into the outside post. They battle and Drew hits the Celtic Cross onto the steel steps. That takes us to the end of the first round.

Round 1: Drew Galloway 29-28 – Not sure how a judge gave Moose a round there.

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The second round starts and Moose hits brogue kick. He takes Drew down with a running shoulder block. He hits an avalanche in the corner and hits a pop up powerbomb and a moonsault for a 2 count. He dropkicks Galloway off the ropes and hits the sky high for a 2 count. Galloway pulls Moose on the outside and hits a death valley driver onto the apron. Galloway tries to get him up but Moose fights him off and hits a powerbomb onto the apron. Round 2 comes to an end with both men outside.

Round 2: Moose 29-28

The third round starts and they both hit the brogue kick simultaneously. Drew puts Moose on the ropes and goes for a superplex. Moose fights him down and Drew is tied up in the corner. He does his sit up in the corner and slams Moose down. Galloway goes for the Claymore but Moose ducks and hits the wind up clothesline for a close two count. Drew hits a low blow while the ref isn’t looking. He hits the Claymore and then a tombstone piledriver for a two count. Moose fights out of the Future Shock. They exchange punches. Round 3 ends with a very nice exchange where they ducked each other’s shots and Drew hits the Claymore but Moose is back up and hits the Game Change.

Round 3: Moose 29-28

Winner by split decision, and New Grand Champion: Moose

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Impact World Championship: Lashley (c) vs Josh Barnett

They feel each other out a little and Josh with a takedown and a headlock. Lashley fights up but Barnett going for an armbar submission. They break and Lashley with a takedown. Barnett hits a series of kicks and a spinning heel kick. Barnett goes for the armbar again but Lashley fights out and hits a full nelson slam for a two count.

Back from commercial and Lashley is working Barnett over in the corner. Barnett fights back and hits a series of knee strikes. Lashley takes him back down. Barnett fights back with forearm shots. Lashley sends him into the corner but Barnett comes out with an odd looking move, like a palm to the head. Barnett went for it again but Lashley reverses into a neckbreaker. Lashley goes for the Spear but Barnett turns it over and does a ground and pound. He goes for the armbreaker but doesn’t have it fully on. Lashley makes it to the ropes. Barnett goes for the Key Lock but Lashley fights out. Barnett gets the Key Lock in but Lashley counters. Lashley can’t escape Barnett so he makes it to the ropes. Lashley beats down on him. Barnett turns it around again but Lashley fights out. He hits the Spear and covers him for the three count.

Winner, and Still Impact World Champion: Bobby Lashley

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