Impact Wrestling Results – 3/23/17


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Davey Richards def Suicide


Suicide control things early. Davey Richards took control and decided to make out with Angelina Love after every move. Suicide made a come back but Davey Richards picked up a win after hitting Creeping Death.

Video of LAX playing cards at the table. Konnan says Impact came to Tiajuana and tried to jack their belts. So they want the Impact Tag Team Titles. Live and Die in LAX.

Commercial Break

Laurel is interviewed by McKenzie. She’s still a mess until Sienna comes up and tells her she has a surprise for Braxton and Allie.

Mahabali Shera, Laredo Kid & Garza Jr def Idris Abraham, Fallah Bahh & Mario Bokara

Shera hit the Sky High on Mario Bokara for the win.

Backstage, a limo pulls up and JB is talking about he got word that “she” is here.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and a limo driver is blocking the camera and shaking his head.

Reno Scum def Decay

Rosemary accidentally misted Crazzy Steve then go thrown onto Abyss on the outside. Reno Scum hit their finisher on Steve for the victory.

Commercial Break

Eli Drake vs Moose No Contest

Cody was in the limo in the back and he was dressed in his Bullet Club sweatshirt. He attacked Moose from behind during his entrance and hit the Cross Roads on the ramp.

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LAX kept control for the better part of the first half of the match, using dirty tactics and keeping James Storm at bay. Eddie Kingston made a number of mistakes on the outside that cost DCC throughout. He sprayed James Storm in the face with something intended for Santana of LAX and they hit their finisher for the win.

After the match, James Storm berated Kingston and Kingston pushed him. Storm pushed back and Bram broke it up but pushed James Storm. Storm said he’s the Cowboy and he started this. The crowd got behind Storm and he left Bram and Kingston in the ring.

Bruce Prichard one on one interview with Lashley. He talks about his history and who he is.

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ODB def Rebel

Rebel got in the ref’s face on several occasions. Finally, Earl Hebner grabbed her and kissed her. He then strutted around the ring like Ric Flair. ODB laid a kiss on Hebner before hitting her finisher on Rebel.

Commercial Break

More from the one on one interview between Prichard and Lashley.

Bobby Lashley def Jake Holmes

Lashley wins a total squash match.

Commercial Break

JB is in the ring to introduce “She” who turns out to be Karen Jarrett. She comes out to a decent reception.

She talks about how difficult things were the last couple of years. A chant of Fire Josh breaks out and she agrees which brings a pop from the crowd. As she thanks the fans, she’s interrupted by EC3.

EC3 says he’s friends with the crew. Says the fans are great. The crew is great. He says the locker room is great and starts calling on some of the new talent and taking credit for starting to make Impact Great.

As the fans cheer, EC3 makes a bit of a turn and says he’s not doing it for Karen’s last name, he’s doing it for his last name.

Josh interrupts and gets a mic and gets into the ring. He talks trash on Prichard and Dutch. He rips JB and tells Karen it’s just a matter of time before the whole Jarrett family is gone forever. The crowd boos loudly until Karen slaps him down to close the show.

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