Impact Wrestling Results – 3/9/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results page. If you post spoilers, I will reign unholy fire down upon you. It will be scorched earth in here. Thank You

The new era of Impact is upon us. The show opens with a killer video package of the history of TNA followed by an opening credits video.

Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are fighting in the crowd to kick things off. Refs and security are unsuccessful in separating them. They battle from the crowd onto the ramp before a lot more security comes out to finally break up the brawl.

Following the brawl, Josh questions why there’s a third seat at the broadcast booth. Jeremy Borash joins the broadcast table and Josh starts yelling at him to get out. They argue and JB turns the crowd against him. Josh talks about Mike Tenay and how Josh got fired by WWE and idiots who aren’t here hired him.

Josh ripped the crowd for being here for free. JB and Josh are really going at each other.
The arguing is broken up by Cody Rhodes and he calls out Moose. He’s holding the GFW Nex Gen Title. He had the crowd chanting for Moose but the lights go out and DCC makes their way to the ring.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and a tag team called Reno Scum. They are wearing the Future Stars Tag Team Titles.

Tag Team Match: Bram & Kingston (DCC) vs Reno Scum

All four men battle to start things off. Scum controls things with some tag team moves onto Kingston. He fights out and makes the tag to Bram. He beats on the bald guy in the corner. Kingston makes a blind tag and DCC is back in control. They went for the spike piledriver but the guy with the mohawk breaks it up. He catches Kingston of the ropes and they perform a strange double stomp finisher for the for the three count.

Winners: Reno Scum

AFter the match, DCC is arguing. James Storm is playing peace maker and they seem to make up before leaving the ring.

Commercial Break

X Division Match: DJZ vs Caleb Konley vs Marshe Rocket vs Braxton Sutter

There was good fast-paced action. The match was highlighted by Allie coming off the ropes onto Marshe Rocket on the outside. Braxton hit his finisher for the three count.

Winner: Braxton Sutter

A video package showing the Hardys?

Commercial Break

Siena vs Rachel Ellering

Competitive match. The announcers arguing took away from it a little bit. At one point, Rachel was climbing the ropes while Siena was on the outside but Siena got on the apron and pushed her off. She hit the Silencer for the three count.

Winner: Siena

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and Bruce Prichard makes his way to the ring. He talks about Impact not being the Impact that he knows. He announces that TNA is dead. He dropped a lot of WWE references. He introduces Bobby Lashley. Prichard tells him there’s no one in the back that can take the title from him. Alberto El Patron comes out. He tells Lashley he hasn’t beaten him.

EC3 makes his way to the ring. El Patron talks to Prichard in the ring, confused by EC3’s arrival. EC3 tells Alberto he can’t just walk in and demand a title shot. He challenges Lashley but is denied. Alberto takes the mic from EC3 and challenges Lashley. Prichard jumps in and grants the match, leaving EC3 high and dry.

JB is on the phone and Josh gives him crap about it. JB says there’s a legend that just walked into the Impact Zone. Someone who’s never been here before and he’s coming out in a few minutes.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial and McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eddie Edwards. Angelina Love comes out and bad mouths him before slapping him.

Cody Rhodes is back out at ringside and continues calling Moose out. JB says Moose is in Japan and Cody knows that. They talked about it in the back. Cody asks Josh who this stooge is, which fires Josh up. Security chases Cody away.

Vignette of Bobby Lashley talking about Impact Wrestling and how he’s excited about things happening.

Dutch Mantell comes out onto the stage on his motor wheelchair. He comes out and makes fun of being called Zeb Colter in an Alternate Universe. He cuts a promo about his time in the business and travelling all over the world. He talks about all the guys that left like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and many of the ex-WWE guys like Christian, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Sting. Talks about the reason being a lack of leadership. He also recognized the fans left. Talks about they need to bring the fans back and that’s what they’re going to do. He ends the promo with “We the People”.

Commercial Break

World Title Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Alberto El Patron

Great back and forth match. EC3 made his way to the stage to watch. This distracted both wrestlers at points throughout the match. The end came when Lashley inadvertantly clotheslined the ref. El Patron applied the cross armbreaker. Another ref came down but Lashley got out of it. Alberto went for a superkick but Lashley pulled the replacement ref into the way, knocking him out. Lashley hit a spinebuster and went to the outside to get the belt. He comes in but Alberto is back up and hits the superkick. He takes the belt and knocks Lashley out and scores the three count.

Winner, and New Impact World Champion: Alberto El Patron

After the match, Earl Hebner comes out and the three refs are discussing something. Lashley starts bullying one of the refs. Officials, including Bruce Prichard, come down and there’s confusion in the ring. El Patron gets on the mic and celebrates his victory. EC3 laughs at the situation.



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