Impact Wrestling Results – 4/20/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results Page. Please no spoilers.

The show opens with a video package of the James Storm vs Bobby Lashley main event for later tonight.

LAX def two jobbers with their finisher in a rather noncompetitive match. Afterwards, Konnan cuts a promo where they’re going for all the gold. Decay interrupts and a brawl breaks out.

Commercial Break

Karen Jarrett comes out to a nice reaction. She announces the merger of Impact Wrestling and GFW. She announces the three title matches for tonight. Sonjay Dutt comes out and cuts a promo about being a pioneer of the X Division. Sonjay says he wants the X Division Title Match to main event and wants to be added into it. Andrew Everett comes out and says he’s been put through the gauntlet and he wants his one on one match with Trevor Lee. Trevor Lee and Shane Helms come out. Helms says he’s the guy to talk to about the X Division. He says Dutt sucks because he was here for years and never won.

Tom Prichard comes out and tells Helms he doesn’t run a damn thing around here. He makes the X Division Title Match the main event and adds Sonjay to the match. He also says, since it’s a six sided ring, he’s gonna find three more X Division guys and make it a six way match.

Video of Crimson making his return next week.

Commercial Break

Rosemary def ODB with Red Wedding to retain the Knockouts Championship. It started as a brawl and ODB hit some moves but Rosemary won in quick fashion.

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Kongo Kong def a jobber in complete squash fashion.

A video of Alberto El Patron is shown. He says he’s the next contender for the Impact World Title. He wants Bobby to win so he can beat him again.

Backstage, McKenzie interviews GFW Champ, Magnus. He says Alberto hasn’t done anything since he’s been here. He says he’s the GFW champ and that’s his golden ticket to be the next Impact champ.

Commercial Break

Impact World Title Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs James Storm

Josh comes out with Lashley and he joins the announce team. He goes on and on about how he’s great and has to save the show. He and JB argue a bit. EC3 comes out and yells at Josh. He remains ringside for the match. Lashley delivers a stiff suplex to Storm on the outside, onto the steps.

Commercial Break

Back from commercial break. Good back and forth match. The ref got knocked down. Lashley brought in a chair but Storm avoided. He put him down with two Last Call Super Kicks. He went to the commentary table and grabbed a bottle of beer. He was going to hit Lashley with it but EC3 came in and took the bottle and smashed Storm with it, completing a heel turn. Lashley hit the Spear for the win.

Winner, and Still Impact World Champion: Bobby Lashley

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Dutch Mantel about who the two guys left for the X Division Title match are. He announced one as a young man named Desmond Xavier. He’s leaving the 6th participant as a surprise for when the match starts.

Commercial Break

Video is shown of Chris Adonis attacking Moose after a match in Canada and applying the Adonis Lock. McKenzie interviews Moose backstage. He challenges him for the Grand Championship next week. Chris Adonis interrupts and says Moose hid the footage where he broke Adonis’ arm. But Adonis has someone to fight him next week. Davey Richards attacks Moose from behind.

Commercial Break

Low Ki wins the X Division Title in a six way match. He was the surprise 6th entrant. The match started as an endless spot fest. At one point, Trevor kicked Sonjay Dutt and swelled his eye shut. The spot fest continued until Trevor Lee took command and he and Everett worked together for a good portion, keeping everyone else on the outside.

The ring filled back up and Suicide took control. He had Everett down and hit the Suicide Plancha on the outside. Everett hit a springboard shooting star to the outside on everyone. The end came when Everett was climbing to the top and Desmond Xavier battled with him. Everett tried a huricanrana from the top rope but Xavier landed on his feet. Everett ducked a charge by Xavier and hit the Frankendriver. Lee was up and Everett hit the Frankdriver on him. He climbed the ropes for the Shooting Star finisher but Low Ki kicked him down and hit a double stomp from the top rope for the win.

Winner, and New X Division Champion: Low Ki

After the match, JB clapped for Low Ki and this set Josh off. They argued. Pope tried to play peace maker but Josh told him off. Pope walked away and JB and Josh got in each other’s face. Josh tells JB he doesn’t have the balls to hit him. JB turned and leveled him with a right hand and walked off to end the show.

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