Impact Wrestling Results – 4/27/17


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Show opens up with Josh Matthews with a suit holding a folder. He rips JB and calls him limp dick. He says he has the breaking news tonight. He gives the mic to someone who’s part of Impact’s human resources department. Josh grabs the mic back and tells JB that he’s suspended. Josh berates him while he’s escorted out.

Matt Sydal def Trevor Lee. The finish came when Helms distracted the ref which broke up a Sydal pin attempt. He kicked Trevor Lee into Helms who fell off the apron and hit a jumping knee. He hit the shooting star press for the three count. Very good crowd reaction when he climbed the ropes and hit it.

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Backstage, Sienna confronted Karen Jarrett and asked for the GFW Women’s Champ. Karen says she’s getting ready to wrestle now and that Sienna has a match with her next week.

EC3 comes out to the ring. He starts by telling the new regime that he demands respect. He tells all the new talent he will destroy them and send them back to the glory hole from which they came. He tells the fans they can kiss his ass. He calls James Storm an overrated piece of crap. This brings out James Storm. He talks smack on EC3 and calls him fugly. EC3 walks away but Storm calls him EC B*tch. EC3 gets into the ring and they brawl back and forth. EC3 hid behind a PA and then hit Storm with a low blow. He hits the One Percenter. He says he’s a Carter and this company needs him.

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KM is sitting in a restaurant. A waiter gives him the check. He yells at him and does a Biff Tannen impersonation.

Christina Von Eerie def Ava Storie(?) to successfully defend the GFW Women’s title. She’s another Oi yelling person from Reno who looks like she should be in a group with Reno Scum. She won an uneventful match with a nasty looking cross arm back cracker type move for the three count.

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Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Alberto El Patron. Magnus interrupts. They bicker about who’s next to get a World Title shot. Karen Jarrett gets between them and says in two weeks, they’ll fight for the GFW World Title.

Impact Wrestling Grand Championship: Moose (c) vs Davey Richards

Moose came down with NFL stars DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge.

Davey Richards dominated the first round and won 30-27. Moose controlled a good amount of the second round and won 29-28. The third round was competitive. Davey Richards had the win in sight as he locked in the ankle lock. Eddie Edwards runs down and gets into the ring and they brawl. Security holds him back. Richards is in the ring and DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge are standing behind him. Davey Richards pushes Williams twice and Williams pushes him back. Richards charges and Gary Barnidge grabs him and body slams him.

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Swoggle harasses Spud at ringside in some time wasting.

Kongo Kong def Matt Sigmond in a complete squash. The entertainment came from a group of fans sitting behind the announce table and tormenting Josh with chants about him sucking and making fun of his haircut.

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Veterans of War (V.O.W.) def Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara in a squash. Mayweather was previously Crimson. Bahh and Bokara are tag team champs from some other promotion. There was an impressive moment when Wilcox held Bahh up in a fireman’s carry for several seconds. Bahh is on the higher end of 300+ lbs.

After the match, V.O.X. cut a promo about their tours overseas. Great reactions from the crowd as we’re introduced to a new tag team on the scene.

Commercial Break.

Swoggle is back at it again. This time, he’s physically beating up Spud with a hammer. He’s quite the heel in this segment.

Eli Drake is backstage with Tyrus. Drake is pissed about not being on the live Impact last week (much like I was). He’s ranting about all the new faces coming in and getting title shots. Eli Drake says he’s sick of being ignored and he’s gonna go make something happen.

LAX def Decay in a street fight to retain the Impact Tag Team Championships. LAX dominated most of the match except for a brief period at the midway point after Abyss threw a chair at the head of one of the members of LAX. There was a good amount of interference from Homicide and Konnan. Rosemary attempted to mist one of the LAX members but he ducked and she got Abyss who was then thrown into a board with barbed wire on it. The end saw a crazy finish where Steve had one of the members laid out on a table and poured thumbtacks on him. Homicide interfered again and they hit a super blockbuster onto Steve through the table covered in tacks for the win.

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