Impact Wrestling Results – 5/11/17


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Andrew Everett def Caleb Konley, Matt Sydal, and Desmond Xavier in an X Division fatal fourway. There was plenty of high paced action. Everett picked up the with when he hit the Frankendriver onto Desmond Xavier.

EC3 comes out dressed like a cowboy. He cuts a heel promo on Storm and sings a bad song. Storm comes out and they brawl. EC3 gets the advantage and handcuffs Storm to the ropes. He takes off his belt and whips Storm over 30 times, leaving his back purple and welted. He also whipped a crew member several times outside the ring.

Laredo Kid and Garza Jr def Hakim Zane and Idris Abraham. The match wasn’t very competitive. The end came when Laredo Kid hit a 450 splash on Zane.

Laurel Van Ness def Ava Storie in a squash. She was still dressed like the psycho bride and Kongo Kong accompanied her to the ring. Laurel did a curb stomp like move for the win.

LAX held a funeral for the death of Decay. They came to the ring in a procession with a song similar to Undertaker’s theme. Their faces were painted like Rosemary and they carried urns. Rosemary was shown in the rafters watching the disrespect. LAX poured ashes in the ring. Konnan then went on a racist and anti-American rant to a guy who was waving an American flag. Konnan went out and bullied him until V.O.W. came out and laid LAX out.

Moose def Marshe Rocket to retain the Grand Championship. Rocket hit a few moves in the beginning of the match but then Moose dominated. Moose won the first round, 30-27. Moose crushed him in the second round and hit a sit down choke slam for the three count. It was a very uneventful match with very little wrestling. Just punches, kicks, and chops until Moose’s end sequence.

After the match, Tyrus walked down to the ring. Eli Drake attacked Moose from behind. Tyrus beat Moose down and hit a heart punch. Chris Adonis came down and put Moose in the Adonis Lock Full Nelson. Eli Drake hits Moose with a steel chair. Adonis and Drake smile and nod to each other.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Dutch Mantell backstage. He announced that next week, there will be an Ultimate X Match for the X Division Title between Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Low Ki.

Alisha Edwards def Angelina Love by DQ after Love hit Alisha with a chain to the back of the head. After the match, she continued to smash Alisha in the back of the head with the chain. Eddie Edwards got into the ring and pulled Angelina away. She slapped him a few times before he blocked her. Davey Richards came in the ring and hit Eddie’s injured knee with a crutch.

Alberto El Patron def Magnus with the Cross Armbreaker to win the GFW Heavyweight title. The match went for nearly half an hour with plenty of close calls. Both men were able to escape the other’s submission finisher. The end came when Magnus had Alberto up in a fireman’s carry and Alberto countered into the Cross Armbreaker and Magnus tapped out.


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