Impact Wrestling Results – 5/25/17


Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Results. Please do not post spoilers or I will feed you to Aliens.

The show opens with Bruce Pritchard coming down to the ring with Tyrus as his protection. He’s holding his ribs after EC3 attacked him last week. He calls Lashley to the ring. Lashley says no matter who wins, he’s winning at Slammiversary. This brings out EC3. EC3 mocks Pritchard and then he mouths off with Lashley. This brings out Magnus who calls Impact under Pritchard’s reign of terror. This brings out James Storm who said he deserves the main event at Slammiversary. He tells Lashley and Tyrus to leave because he’s gonna whip EC3 and Magnus’ asses. Pritchard stops him and says if anyone of the three contenders lay a hand on each other prior to tonight’s main event. They’re out of the match and suspended.

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KM, Kongo Kong, and Sienna def Braxton Sutter, Mahabali Shera, and Allie. Near the end Kongo Kong got knocked out of the ring. Shera was close to picking up the win on KM but Laurel got on the apron and kissed him. Kong hit Shera and KM rolled him up for the win.

After the match, Kong and KM brawled with Shera and Braxton. Sienna and Laurel trapped Allie in the ring and double teamed her. Rosemary comes out. Laurel and Sienna think she’s with them. They surround Allie but Rosemary turns and spits mist in Sienna’s face. She hits Laurel with Red Wedding. She takes Sienna down and they leave. Rosemary doesn’t embrace Allie but posed in the ring.

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V.O.W. def Mario Bokara and Fallah Bahh. Other than a short time when Fallah put a bit of a beating on Mayweather, V.O.W. wins in rather dominant fashion. V.O.W. goes on to face LAX next week for the GFW Tag Team Titles.

Josh Matthews is shown backstage.

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Josh Matthews comes to the ring. He calls JB into the ring. He lays down a heart-felt apology and offers to shake hands with JB. Joseph Park interferes and reminds everyone of the bad things Josh has done. Josh says he’s not sorry. He berates them. He challenges Joseph Park to a match. A ref comes out and the bell rings.


Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner comes out. He chases Park and JB through the crowd. Park gets down to the ring and Josh hits him with a low blow. Steiner puts the Steiner Recliner on him until he passes out. He chases JB through the crowd again.

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Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake. Moose interrupts but he’s being held back by security. Eli Drake challenges him for the Grand Championship next week. Moose accepts. They begin brawling and Chris Adonis comes from behind and attacks Moose.

Eddie Edwards and Alisha vs Dave Richards and Angelina

The match started as a brawl on the outside. This is a fight, not a wrestling match. Alisha flies off the ropes onto both Davey and Angelina.

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Back from commercial and Davey has Eddie in a modified figure four leg lock. He keeps working over the knee. Davey avoids a flying double stomp and sends Davey into the corner with an overhead. The girls tag in. Alisha with a spear. She goes to the top but misses. Angelina goes for a kick but Alisha ducks and rolls her up for the win.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Alisha

After the match, Davey attacks Eddie from behind. He handcuffs Edwards to the ropes. They bring in a table. Angelina puts Alisha on the top rope. She powerbombs her through the table while Davey makes Eddie watch. Davey and Angelina pose among carnage.

Video of Spud promising he’ll be back in one more week and threatens Swoggle.

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EC3 def Magnus and James Storm to become the #1 Contender for the Impact World Championship. EC3 and Magnus were teaming up on James Storm with a kendo stick and chairs before taking the fight to each other. At one point, James Storm had Magnus hanging upside down in the corner. EC3 climbed the ropes and suplexed James Storm while Magnus sat up from the tree of woe and suplexed EC3. Storm hit a hangman DDT to EC3 on the apron. Magnus put Storm in the Cloverleaf submission. EC3 hit Magnus with a chair. Storm hit a code breaker to EC3 with the chair. Storm ducked a big boot from Magnus and hit the Last Call Super Kick. EC3 knocked him out of the ring and covered Magnus for the three count.


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