Impact Wrestling Results – 6/8/17


Welcome to Impact Wrestling from Mumbai, India. Please do not post spoilers or I will banish you to Tatooine. Also, take your politics to the Off Topic Section. Thank you.

Alberto El Patron comes out to kick off the show. The India crowd is hot. He cuts a promo about how he will win the title at Slammiversary. This brings out Lashley who says Alberto is the same as all other challengers who play to the crowd. Bruce Prichard comes out and tells them they’re both fighting surprise opponents tonight and both of their titles are on the line. If they lose, they’re out of the Slammiversary main event.


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Low Ki def Caleb Konley to successfully defend his X Division title. There was good high flying action. Konley hit Low Ki with a suicide dive that busted Ki’s eye open. Low Ki hit the running dropkick in the corner followed by the Warrior’s Way finisher for the win.

After the match, Sonja Dutt comes out. The crowd is firmly behind the Indian native. He challenges Low Ki for the title and Low Ki accepts. That match is next week.

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Davey Richards def Mikus Kumar in a virtual squash.

After the match, EC3 comes out to the ring and Kumar’s night just became longer. EC3 pulled out a strap and whipped him several times. James Storm comes out and chases him off.

Backstage, Eli Drake is arguing with Prichard about the controversial decision in last week’s Grand Championship match. Chris Adonis comes out and calms him down and tells Prichard they deserve the shots against Patron and Lashley for their titles. Prichard says he’ll think about it.

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JB and Josh are backstage announcing. Josh announces that next week, he’s having a sparring session here in India to give JB and Joseph Park a look at what’s in store for them at Slammiversary.

Swoggle chases Spud out to the ring and into the crowd. A ref gets in between them. No physicality. Spud escapes to the back.

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Segment with Joseph Park trying to hype up JB for their match at Slammiversary.

Impact World Championship: Lashley (c) vs Moose

Moose takes it to Lashley in the beginning. Lashley turns the tables and hits a cross body. He then fends off several attempts by Moose to fight back. He hits a German suplex and Moose lands on his head. He hits a neck breaker and then wears him down with a chin lock. Moose is able to fight out. Lashley is on the top rope and Moose hits his high dropkick, sending Lashley to the outside. Moose goes over the ropes but Lashley pulls his legs out and Moose falls off the apron.

Back in the ring, Lashley goes for the cover for two. Lashley beats on him in the corner. He climbs the corner and punches him while the crowd counts along. Moose hits a weak looking powerbomb for a two count. Moose hits Lashley in the corner with a couple of avalanches and a running dropkick for another two count. Moose charges in the corner but misses and Lashley turns him inside out with a clothesline. Lashley goes for the Spear but Moose leapfrogs him and hits a spear himself for a close two count. Moose goes to the top rope. Lashley knocks him down and climbs up. He hits a big superplex for a close two count. Lashley lines up for the Spear again but Moose hits a brogue kick and the Go To Hell chokeslam for a very close two count. Moose goes for his finisher but Lashley ducks and goes off the ropes and nails him with a Spear for the three count.

Winner, and Still Impact World Champion: Bobby Lashley

LAX segment. Konnan says they have the bargaining chips and they are no longer the side platter, but the main course. He says how proud he is of Santana and Ortiz.

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Rosemary def Laurel Van Ness with a roll up to successfully defend the Knockouts Championship. The match is highlighted by Rosemary doing an Undertaker-like sit up. After the match, Sienna attacked her and they double teamed Rosemary until Allie ran down with a kendo stick to make the save.

Backstage, KM approached Prichard about fighting Alberto for the GFW title. He did his shtick with Prichard that he’s been doing in the vignettes at restaurants and other public places. It didn’t work.

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Video montage of JB and Joseph Park working out. Very cheesy stuff.

GFW Heavyweight Championship: Alberto El Patron (c) vs Chris Adonis

Alberto takes the fight to him early. Adonis turns the tables and works him over. At one point, he applies the Adonis Lock Full Nelson but Patron was on the apron so it had to be broken. Eli Drake has been taking cheap shots on the outside every chance he gets. Adonis has a camel clutch applied. Patron fights out of it but Adonis keeps control. Patron finally takes control. He sends Adonis to the outside and he barely makes it back before the ten count.

Back in the ring, Patron setting up for the Cross Armbreaker but Adonis ducks and hits a spinebuster for a close two count. Adonis drives his shoulder into Patron in the corner. He puts Patron on the ropes. Adonis gets ready to climb but Patron applies the Cross Armbreaker in the ropes. Alberto back in the ring. He goes for a code breaker but Adonis counters into a sky high for a two count. Adonis sets up for the Adonis Lock but Patron counters out of it and sends Adonis into the corner. He spins him around and quickly hits the double stomp for the win.

Winner, and Still GFW Heavyweight Champion: Alberto El Patron

After the match, Eli Drake attacks Patron. Adonis is back up and they double team him. Lashley comes out and just watches on the ramp. Moose runs down and makes the save, sending Adonis and Eli Drake out of the ring.

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