Impact Wrestling Results & Review February 18, 2020


    Impact Wrestling presents the go home show for Sacrifice! Even though it’s an ImpactPlus event and not a PPV; the show is at least being hyped up well.

    Tessa and Ace have a 6 man tag before their Sacrifice main event, Rhino gets a warm up match; and we get the third installment of Eddie versus Elgin!


    This should be a decent show, so here’s another ICU code to scan…and ignore Don’s VCR joke. I’m pretty sure half of the Impact Wrestling roster won’t get that…dammit Callis…

    IMPACT! Results:

    • Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs TJP w/Fallah Bahh: TJP wins via Submission Reversal – *** 3/4
    • Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger: Mack wins via 6 Star Frog Splash – * 1/2
    • Madison Rayne vs Mazzerati: Madison wins via CrossRayne – *
    • Best of 5 Series: Match 3: Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards: Edwards wins via Small Package – *** 3/4 – Elgin: 2 – Edwards: 1
    • Rhino vs Dave Crist w/Jake Crist: Rhino wins via Gore – * 1/4
    • Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer & Trey vs Ace Austin & Reno Scum: Ace wins via The Fold – ***

    IMPACT! Review: 

    Josh Alexander w/Ethan Page vs TJP w/Fallah Bahh – If we’ve learned anything, it’s that alone The North tend to lose; but damn are the matches good. TJP may not be the most charismatic, but he is a damn good technical wrestler. Alexander is also a well known technical wrestler, but more amateur wrestling style.

    Alexander dominated about two thirds of this match, where TJP only got a few strikes in; but kept fighting through the offense. Alexander hit a Release Torture Rack Bomb, that looked cool and probably sent TJP to an early chiropractic appointment. TJP had a few moments with Knee Bars and Crossarm Breaker variations; but it wasn’t until the Avalanche Brainbuster that it was close. Alexander counters the Detonation Kick, rolls through with TJP on his back; but TJP grabs for the turnbuckle to stop Alexander’s momentum. Alexander falls back to the Rear Naked Choke, and TJP floats over for the pinfall victory. Damn good match.

    The Mack and Pack connection have an amusing moment. Swinger is so delusional, but it’s charming in it’s stupidity. Fun enough filler angle while Rich Swann recovers.

    Willie Mack vs Johnny Swinger – Built out of the backstage segment; Mack told Swinger that they did need more reps in the ring. Swinger thought he meant a tag match, but once the announcer said “opponent”; Swinger was confused and obviously not happy.

    Let’s all be real here, Willie Mack nearly beat The North alone; while Johnny Swinger lost to Joey Ryan. Even Stevie Wonder could see the outcome of this match.

    A few moments were amusing, Swinger got in a little offense; but Mack didn’t really break a sweat. Little bit of overkill hitting Swinger with a Stunner AND 6 Star Frog Splash; though I guess he is trying to get across the point of not wanting to team with Swinger. So if that doesn’t get the message across…maybe make him a breakup mixtape.

    Madison Rayne vs Mazzerati – So Madison does the whole cocky open challenge, and we get home grown talent! Mazzerati got a few shots in when Madison was playing to the crowd, but come on now; Madison stamped this first open challenge with the obvious win. Maybe we’ll get a few more of these, then we get a cool return or something.

    John E. Bravo interrupts Jordynne’s interview with a video tribute to Taya since she’s icing him out after the loss. Just…wow…watch.

    ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Mr. Anderson vs The Pope D’Angelo Dinero, Finals 8 Card Stud Tournament, Against All Odds February 14, 2010

    RVD is such an intolerable douche canoe…it’s great.

    Best of 5 Series: Match 3: Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards – Well it’s another non-gimmicked match; but at least Edwards tries a slightly different tactic. He takes the offense to Elgin fast and heavy with some big moves like a Suicide Dive and a Tiger Driver.

    Elgin wasn’t going down that quick of course, so we got a really good back and forth. This felt like it had a little more time than the first two; and Eddie’s offense looked generally better. Elgin hit all his best moves, except the Elgin Bomb. Edwards countering it into a Small Package worked nicely for a shock win. Finally Edwards gets on the board, but Elgin still looks like the one in charge.

    Rhino vs Dave Crist w/Jake Crist – In a sneeze and you miss it style of match, Rhino eats Dave Crist. Yes he had a little offense and Jake did try to get involved, but don’t feed the Rhino.

    Hey look! There’s a Coming Soon trailer for Chris Bey! After his busy 2019, I guess he agreed to a contract from Impact Wrestling. Very cool.

    Impact Wrestling Results

    Tessa Blanchard, Tommy Dreamer & Trey vs Ace Austin & Reno Scum – The typical multi-man tag match before the big event showdown! Before the commercial break we get a Triple Bionic Elbow spot, twice. Which…not gonna lie, is odd from someone with the last name of Blanchard.
     After the commercial we get some well paced action; which sees everyone get in some decent spots. Tommy and Trey are on the receiving end of most of the punishment. Reno Scum have their Pity City spot and Tommy hits his Cutter. The action spills to the outside, where everyone gets laid out; Tessa eats a bit Soccer Ball Kick from Ace, but Trey wipes out Ace with a Corkscrew dive. Trey throws in Ace, firing up, but Ace kicks the rope, hits The Fold and that’s all she wrote.

    The match accomplished a decent amount of things while being decently entertaining. Trey is still trying to get revenge on Ace, but Ace is mentally miles ahead of Trey. So Trey comes up short, Ace looks strong going into the Champion versus Champion match, and Reno Scum are at least a competent tag team.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10

    Two great matches and a moderately decent main event built up to Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice fairly well. All the major stories are churning and you can’t be mad at the ring work.

    I’m mostly curious if Susie will interfere in the Havok match while on her revenge tour. Might not be the best look to have your new champion need a shenanigans finish; but I do really like the evolution of Su Yung.

    Either way, great ring work, decent character work and storylines got advanced. IMPACT! did everything it was supposed to and was quite enjoyable.

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