Impact Wrestling Star Suffers Torn ACL


During an appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Eric Young revealed that he will be out of action for several months due to a torn ACL.

It happened when he worked Impact’s most recent set of television tapings. 

“At the last tapings I tore my ACL,” Young said. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been injured. I missed my first wrestling show this Friday that I was booked on in 24 years of doing it. So, it’s frustrating, man. I’ve never been injured. I’ve been hurt lots, but I’ve never been injured. I have to have surgery in like a week and a half. And it’s going to be a long, long road. So, we’ll see, man. It’s going to get real interesting for me.”

“My ACL is completely torn, which I didn’t know,” Young said. “That happened on Monday during the match with Storm. I finished it like nothing happened. I wrestled a hardcore war eight-man tag the following day, then I wrestled Eddie Edwards on Tuesday in a singles match. It was like 20 minutes — on one leg. And I would put that match against anything that airs anytime, for any wrestling company, anywhere in the world, and I did it on one leg. And I’m very proud of it.”


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