Impact Wrestling Star Thinks Current Pop TV Time Slot “Sucks”


We noted earlier on the site that Impact Wrestling was recently moved to a later time slot at 10pm and viewership has suffered on Pop TV. Although their deal with Pop expires on 12/31, it looks like they have gotten a short-term extension as they are expected to stay on the network at least for early 2019.

Moose recently appeared on the Wrestling Inc podcast where he talked about a wide range of topics including the flagship show of the promotion being moved to a different time slot. Here is what he had to say:

“Obviously the time slot that we have right now sucks,” Moose said. “I’m sure management is doing something about it, or trying to do something about it. My job is to not find us time slots, my job is to perform and beat up people in the ring, and that is what I do.”

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