Impact Wrestling Takes A Shot At WWE Over The “Bullying” Situation, References JBL


As we all are aware by now of the JBL & former SD Live commentator Mauro Ranallo’s “bullying” situation, Impact Wrestling decided that they would have a few comments directed towards the WWE in regards of tolerating bullying.

As you can see in the video above, during Impact Wrestling’s tapings for April 27th, they could not resist taking a shot at their much bigger competition.

Impact Wrestling announcers Jeremy Borash & Josh Matthews are feuding and in the mist of it all, Matthews was “fired”. Matthews stated “I’ve got something to say. You see, Jeremy Borash, this company will not tolerate… bullying announcers.”

“You’re nothing but a loudmouth. You’re lame. You’re J – B – Loser.”

Here’s a gif from the TDE Wrestling Twitter account from the segment.

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