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Indie Wrestler Devon ‘Hannibal’ Nicholson Addresses Recent Assault Charges



Indie wrestler Hannibal, aka Devon Nicholson, has addressed his assault charges and arrest on his YouTube channel.

In August, a woman in Kingston, Ontario, Canada alleged that Nicholson assaulted her. Although the exact date of his arrest is unknown, Nicholson confirmed that he was in Kingston with his girlfriend as early as August 20th in his YouTube video.

In his address, Nicholson confirmed the charges and that the case involved a woman he was dating. Subsequently, Nicholson would proceed to add that the woman “actually also has five charges against her for assaulting me with a weapon, uttering threats to me, destroying my property, and causing me bodily harm.” He also shared photos of the purported damage to his body from the alleged assaults by said woman.

Nicholson added that the woman had one court appearance in Ottawa in September and has another one set for October 2nd, saying, “I’m going to leave it up to the courts. It’s not a matter of public opinion. It’s a matter for the courts to decide… It’s just an unfortunate situation all around, I’ve never been in a situation like this before where I’ve had to deal with a partner attacking me. And it’s just unfortunate. I can’t say anything more than that. I wish her the best, but it’s now a matter for the courts.”

Nicholson is set to stand trial for the assault charges on October 12, 2022. Reportedly, Nicholson has since been arrested since August. It is unknown what led to his latest arrest, but it has been reported that Nicholson has been placed on a nightly curfew appointed by the courts and has been ordered to stay away from the victim in his assault case. As an added condition, Nicholson was released into the custody of his parents and will need to check in with them regularly.

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