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Matt Cardona Considered Non-Wrestling Bookings After Injury



Matt Cardona has remained active in the independent wrestling scene despite suffering a torn pectoral muscle last month.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast, Cardona revealed that upon learning about his injury, he promptly sought non-wrestling opportunities to stay involved in the industry.

He said,The first 48 hours, instead of feeling sorry for myself or hanging out on the couch and watching Netflix, I was just on my calendar and my computer and my phone rescheduling my summer because I knew that I can’t just have a vacation. What shows can I do that will want to bring me in to just talk trash, do commentary, whatever. Being an independent contractor, especially on the indies, I had to reach out to every promoter like, ‘Hey guys, I can’t wrestle. Do you still want me? Cool, if not, I can find another booking’ because I’ve gotta’ pay bills and I’ve gotta keep that buzz alive more importantly.”

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