Indy Promoter Screws Talent Out Of Money, Austin/Hall, More


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Steve Austin will interview Scott Hall on his podcast today. The show will be posted this Thursday.

— Several wrestlers, including Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, mentioned a promoter in San Diego who ran a show over the weekend. The show had a poor turnout and the promoter left without paying anyone. Waltman said that talent should get half their money before competing instead of working and getting paid later.

— Matt Hoover recently interviewed CW Anderson for Pro Sports Fix. Anderson talked about baseball, getting his start in wrestling, training in the WCW Power Plant, ECW, his first encounter with Bully Ray and his run in the WWE version of ECW. He also talked about how the CW Network held him back in WWE.

— Here is this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood:

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