Indy Promotion Bans African American Wrestlers & Fans


According to, a Denton, North Carolina independent promotion cancelled bookings for a African American wrestlers and would not allow African American fans to attend a June event at a local elementary school. Independent wrestler James Brody stated the following about being canceled form the show…

“I was told I couldn’t go because they didn’t want any black athletes in Denton. I was pretty angry at first but, you know, I prayed about it and thought about it and I thought they don’t want me there that’s their loss not mine.”

“More or less any black wrestlers and even black fans weren’t welcome in the show,” said Chris Rogers, who wrestles with his brother from Monroe.

The promoter claims he was sent an anonymous text message, which read as follows…

“Do not bring no blacks into Denton. You have been warned. The White Knights.”

Denton has a population of 1,636 Caucasians and 2 African Americans. The story states that there are no White Knights (KKK group) based in the Carolinas. The promoter stated that he was told by police that he should pay attention because “those boys mean business.” However, the police chief is quoted in the story as saying he didn’t even know about the event or he would have assigned an officer to be there. “We haven’t received a complaint,” said Denton Police Chief Mark Hicks. “If we knew anything about the event we would have had an officer there. I have never heard of that group. We welcome anyone here in this town,” said Chief Hicks.

“Tell them I said, ‘Shut the hell up and leave it alone,’” said the promoter, who asked that his name not be used. “I was warned by a text message from an unknown number,” said the promoter.

You can click here to read the full story.

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