Indy Wrestler Boasts About Recent WWE Tryout


It was reported that Canadian-based independent wrestler “The Zombie Hunter” Mentallo participated in WWE’s three-day tryout last week at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Following the outing, the masked grappler went on Facebook to boast in the face of his critics.

He wrote, “Many Winnipeg Wrestling “EXPERTS” always said WWE would never be interested in guys like myself, how we’re VANILLA MIDGETS and DON’T WRESTLE WWE’s STYLE. Hope you like DEEZ NUUUTTS in your mouth! Don’t get it confused, this isn’t that “trans yourself to OVW crap”, they INVITED & PAID FOR ME. To all the promoters who don’t want to use me on all your shows, guess you know better than WWE. I’ll be looking for your stocks on Wall Street. On my Worst Behaviour! Turn Up!”

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