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Indy Wrestler Breaks His Skull After Botched 450 Splash (Video)


This is probably one of the most disturbing injuries you’ll ever see at a professional wrestling event. A clip of an independent wrestler by the name of Shawn Phoenix has been going viral. The match happened back in October at an International Wrestling Cartel live event in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. Phoenix is a Pittsburgh native who has competed for promotions such as IWC, Ryse, Blackcraft Wrestling and more.

During his match for IWC, Phoenix attempted a 450 splash on his opponent outside the ring as he was downed on a table. However, his opponent moved out of the way at the last second and Phoenix overshot the table. Instead, he landed on his head on the floor and was immediately rendered unconscious.

Phoenix suffered injuries such as a broken skull, bleeding in the brain, a broken ear canal, some spinal fluid leaking from his ear, a concussion, paralysis on the left side of his face, and a torn tendon in his thumb. Watch the footage of the accident here. But WARNING, it might be disturbing to some:

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