Indy Wrestler Tries To Stop Armed Man, JR/Regal/FCW


— Jim Ross and William Regal will be at tonight’s Florida Championship Wrestling show in Orlando, FL.

— William Regal posted the following on Twitter regarding developmental talent Dean Ambrose… “I can’t wait to get to FCW in Tampa tomorrow to see that dear boy, Dean Ambrose. For what I an about to do to you, may my children forgive me.”

— After trying to stop a man armed with a knife, Ohio independent wrestler Donte Dunnagan was left with several wounds. The attacker reportedly entered a building at Miami-Jacobs and stabbed several people when Dunnagan attempted to subdue him and stop him from attacking another person. Dunnagan suffered knife wounds to his abdomen, face, shoulder and arm and is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

Police ended up shooting the man after stun guns would not work to stop him. The man had two knives in is hands as he lunged towards police. Dunnagan’s girlfriend, Therese Buckhardt, had the following to say about his actions…

“He was just protecting the lives of people he loves. He would have done that for anybody; he has a big heart.”

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