Injury Update On Humberto Carrillo Following RAW


UPDATE: Following a scary spot on RAW where Humberto Carrillo hit a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside, which resulted in Sheamus landing on his knee, Carrillo was said to have been doing “okay” backstage.

We’ll provide more updates later today.

ORIGINAL: As seen during Monday night’s episode of RAW, Humberto Carrillo faced off against Sheamus and the match ended in a double countout. According to a report from Fightful, the finish was improvised after Carrillo was legitimately injured.

During the match, Carrillo did a sunset flip powerbomb to the outside. The spot resulted in Sheamus landing on Carrillo’s knee, which led to Carrillo signaling that he was injured. At that point, the referee checked on him and decided to stop the match via double countout.

As of this writing, there is no word on Carrillo’s condition or how long he’ll be out of action.

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