Interview: Daniel Bryan Talks about Raw and Upcoming Shows


By Mike Jones from DC101

He had one hell of a match last night on RAW and I appreciate Daniel Bryan taking a few minutes to call in today. We discussed the upcoming WWE Smackdown show at the Verizon Center on December 29th, his lack of technical savvy and how Randy Orton can’t beat him clean.

On last night’s main event on RAW: “He doesn’t want to lose, and I’m not afraid of losing. I’ll go out there and try my best, and do the best I can, and if I lose, you shake the guy’s hand at the end of the day and say tonight you got one on me, but Randy’s incapable of doing that. And um, I don’t know if that’s just his personality, you know, and that’s very very frustrating because last night I felt like I had him.”

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