Io Shirai Discusses Hana Kimura, Respect For Charlotte Flair


Io Shirai was interviewed by Sports Illustrated where she discusses Hana Kimura, her respect for Charlotte Flair, and other topics.

Her respect for Charlotte Flair.


“I know how hard it is to be on top and remain in that spot. It may look glamorous from the outside, but it is a huge responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. I have nothing but respect for Charlotte, and for the mental toughness she has shown throughout her career in WWE to remain as one of the top female performers.”

What it’s like working with Rhea Ripley.

“The great thing about Rhea is that our in-ring styles are so different that it almost feels like a chemical reaction every time we get in the ring together. She raises my game and is able to push me to limits I did not know I was capable of. I am excited to think about all the possibilities when we face off this Sunday.”

How she would like Hana Kimura to be remembered.

“Hana was one of the most talented female wrestlers in the world, and I was looking forward to watching her grow to see how far she could go. I will always remember her smile that would brighten up any room she walked into. It is so important that we all love and treat each other with respect.”


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